Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Back to School!

I'm going back to school! I had a meeting this morning with a lady from Boston College. I was referred by my careers advisor to do a Food Hygene course which I'll be honest I really didn't want to do. We chatted about this and that, what's available to me and so on but she agreed that the course I was there to do might not be what I'm after for the minute. So on the 13th of September I will be attending a Work Skills Assessment day which will involve various things designed to guide me on to what courses will be of benefit to me. While in my Interview, my "Action Plan", I was asked what my Interests are. Drawing being what I'm best at (apart from relaxing but they don't have courses on that!) I've been asked to look into how I could possibly turn that into a career. Certainly something to look into, I've slipped out of the habit of getting pencil to paper just lately.

The town this morning was dead, typical as I walked down. I saw an old School teacher down there. I've not seen the bloke since I left, not that I particularly wanted to, he is looking his age. He was our R.E. teacher, a Born Again nutcase with a habit of perving over the girls. He looks like a dirty old man these days. This was the man who held an assembly at leat twice a year which usually revolved round some barmy story and at the end would explain how Jesus fitted in and how the lord worked in mysterious way blah blah blah. One assembly I remember so vividly was the time he bought a New Age guest speaker in. This man was South African (see I remember it vividly) and was telling this rather bollocks story of how he was once a Builder and that one day a house he was working on fell down for reasons never explained and that he saw an Angel come down and save him from a falling wall! That day changed his life and he now dedicates his life to the word of the Lord. Of course this went down like a lead balloon with us and the teachers and thankfully was never aloud to preach in school again. Yes a pointless story but sod it.

I watched a program about Bill Hicks last night. He was an American Comedian who died in 1994. He spent years on the comedy circuit in America but never got as big as he should have. He became popular over here due to the fact that he was a)funny and b)because by the time we had heard of him he had altered his act from taking the piss out of his religous up-bringing and to taking the piss out of America, a bit like what Rich Hall does these days.

It's a little ironic that after that sketch, he died of Cancer. He had a point though!

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