Monday, 15 August 2011

Grumble Grumble

Not a happy man today. I had a meeting with my Personal Careers Adviser this morning. She's nice and helpful, one of the better staff members down there. Well, to cut a long story short, about 4 weeks ago she put me forward for funding for a forklift truck course. This seemed like a good idea as there are a few jobs round these parts that required this licence as part of the vacancy. I was turned down apparently, weeks ago, but the tossers in the Jobcentre failed to tell me. I asked one fuckwit in there when I signed on if there was any news and they claimed there wasn't. So now I've put a complaint in as that is the 2nd time they've failed in passing on imformation to me. The first time nearly ended up with my JSA being cancelled.

I took a slow walk to the bank to pay a cheque in. A favour for my elderly neighbour who's now housebound. I could have chosen any bank to pay it in to but unfortunately I chose the one that had 5 people sat at the cashier windows but only one doing anything. It was slow going, mostly old folk dithering, getting on my nerves and a large American or Canadian buffalo, sorry, woman in front of me who stank and was talking as loudly as humanly possible on the phone. Of course, she insisted on finishing her conversation before she carried out her banking duties. She then turned to me and said "I'm sorry for holding you up, but I'm not spoken to my Mom in a few days!". I like to think that I'm polite, but I also have a good command of swear words, which I used to good effect at her to the amusement of the old guy behind me. My fondness for the human race at this point is on Zero.

After the bank incident I returned to my car and had a drive up to see my old pal Harold. He's always good for a laugh. He didn't fail me, watching him almost do a Basil Fawlty on one of his vans because the fuel filter wouldn't fit in position properly had me in stitches! Luckily, the sight of me rolling about the yard pissing myself started him off too. We had a cuppa, pissed ourselves at what old school friends look like now on facebook.

One person we found on there from school now thinks of himself as a Rock Star! He always was a bit of a prick. Well, he's got a band going now down in London. I've had a listen to some of their stuff and in my opinion its shit. He'll probably be famous now I've said that. I hope not, like I say, he's a prick.

The job search today was really worth it, with nothing of interest cropping up. I'm thinking about doing some voluntary work. There a drop-in event down town in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, I'm off to throw rotten apples at the kids 2 doors down. Coz I'm in that sort of mood.

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