Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Having a People free day.

After yesterday I decided I needed complete peace and quiet. I was just feeling pissed off and had a feeling of depression setting in. I took a drive out to where my brother got married, a little Abbey on it's own in the fens, miles from any irritants.

I left my phone behind, took a book I'm reading at the minute and enjoyed the sounds of the country. I might do this more often.

My Mum in her wisdom bought the film Rango the other day. She couldn't work out why it wouldn't play on her DVD player. It was thrust under my nose, as if I have magic to make things better! I pointed out to her, not for the first time that Blu-ray discs, clearly marked up Blu-ray on the case, don't play on normal DVD players. "Oh!" she said, "buy a normal one off of Amazon and we can swop then. You can have this one". Put simply, she wanted me to buy a DVD I don't want!

Now then, is it me or is there some conspiracy to fuck my head up. Thats how things seem this week so far.

Shooting stars was funny last night. There was one thing that I noticed, Ulrika's neck seems to get longer with age!


  1. Missed Shooting Stars again, I'll have to watch it on Catch Up TV, or whatever the fuck it is called.

    Regarding the job thing, don't worry about it. If you get a job then your blog won't be as good. It'll get all shit and boring, like mine.............

  2. Thanks for the tip mate. I'll try and remain unemployed for you.