Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It Landed On My Doorstep This Morning

I thought my luck had changed yesterday, I was offered a job. Unfortunately the pay didn't warrant a 96 mile round trip. It was in Scunthorpe. I don't mind travelling to work, I had to for my last one, but thats just a bit to far with fuel prices as they are.

While most people were still hanging on to "Britpop", there were some great bands that got overlooked. Flaming Lips, Grandaddy and Mercury Rev to name a few. To be fair, they weren't your avaerage Radio bands but still did some great songs. One of my faves were Grandaddy, who split up in 2006. The main man Jason Lytle went on to make a fine solo album. Their classic album "The Software Slump" has been re-released with an 2nd disc of demos and bits. It's a great album. I fact all their albums were good but there's something about this one. Give it a go.

I'm supposed to be taking my dearests' boys camping this summer. I'd best get a shift on coz they'll be back at school soon. So this weekend I think she'd best get a sleeping bag sorted for them. I've not been camping since 1987! should be amusing. Just planning to go down to Rutland, so it's not far if they decide it's not for them. My brother lives that way too so no doubt he'll join me. I'm growing a beard so I can be just like Grizzly Adams!

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