Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Scam pt 2 and some good news.

I've just come home from Phil's Models and got the paint I need for the Vulcan. I'm going to start it this afternoon. While I was down town I had a telephone call from a company I'd applied for a job with weeks ago and to be honest, hadn't thought much more about since. Anyways, They've invited me for an interview. It's not the career path I wanted but it's a job, and in the current climate I can't be fussy. It's in Quality again but this time.....please no's in the Potato industry. Well, Considering I'm surrounded by fields growing the damned things I might as well join in! I'm happy and hopeful. After countless applications I've sent off, I've had 1 Interview. That was a complete farce, They forgot I was coming, interviewed me for a completely different job I'd applied for. After not hearing anything from them, despite them saying they would let me know either way I rang them, only to be told they'd decided they didn't need to fill the position! Well, that firm was in Grantham so I shouldn't have expected otherwise really.

I'd only been home 5 minutes when the phone rang....some Indian sounding woman saying there's a problem with my computer! Yes, them again. This time from "Global Tech - London". I've looked them up and found this:

" Some of you may have already had this, it has been around a while but it seems to be rearing its ugly head again.
You get a call claiming to be to Microsoft Global Tech Support or similar. They tell you that they have detected that you have received malware on the computer and they will put you through to a tech who can sort it out. Another guy comes on and asks you to go to your computer and takes you through to your event viewer. This will show errors that have occurred on your system. So far so plausible. But the whole point is that everybody at some time will have these errors but they claim they have a solution but they need to take over your computer to ‘sort it out’.

RED FLAG – Don’t let anybody you don’t know take over your computer remotely!
If you let these guys in they will load on software which will cause serious problems. They will then try and scam you for money to get the software to work. But if you’ve got this far you’ve totally had it. If you pay – and it seems the amounts are £150 – £200 for the ‘upgrade’ it still won’t work. And they have your credit card details and have had access to all the data on your computer – just use your imagination what this can mean.
This scam is being operated out of Pakistan and India. If at any time you want to call a halt they’ll happily give you a name and UK number to call back on. In some cases they will even refer you to a website which looks genuine."

Fucking Shithouses!


  1. POTAAAAAAAAAAAATO..............

    Best of luck me ol mucker.

  2. Thank you Seaton, Shall let you know how it goes. Hope all is well with you.