Sunday, 21 August 2011

Red Four

One of the Red Arrows crashed yesterday with the death of the pilot. He was 33. Having seen the Red Arrows hundreds of times and living not far from their base I never grow tired. At 33 the pilot achieved something amazing, to become a pilot of the worlds best aerobatic team. Very sad.

I was coming home from asda in a friends car on Thursday last week and spotted something strange in front of us.
This Van has no back windows, but why the hell has it got a wiper?

X Factor has started again, great! New judges this series with that top bloke from Take That, Gary Barlow, you know...Kens' son, taking the place of Simon Cowel as the horrible judge. Unfortunately I couldn't avoid it, I usually avoid X Factor at all cost. All I'm going say is I'd like to kick Barlows teeth out. He's a twat.

Watched a couple of films over the weekend, "Let me in", a remake of the Swedish film "Let the right one in". I've seen both and enjoyed both. The 2nd, "Super 8", A love story between a young boy and girl disguised on the trailer as a good old fashioned Alien/monster movie. It's OK suprisingly, just don't expect to see much of the creature even when you get to the end. It's about the kids of the town not the monster.

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