Thursday, 4 August 2011

Just a quick one...

Finished the Millenium Trilogy films last night. The final installment being the "The Girl who kicked the Hornets' nest". It brings all the twists and turns together and answers everything. I enjoyed them and will watch the remakes. Worth a watch.

The Vulcan paintwork coming on and it's starting to look nice, going to need a few coats though. Really into this model kit stuff at the minute and it's not a mega expensive past time. Better than trawling Jobcentre Plus and getting bored with "Cleaner wanted....£0.50 per hour....2 hrs a week, overtime expected" or "General operative....meets n.m.w.....60 hrs per week....". I had a day off from it yesterday so I'd better get my arse in gear and see what wonders are on offer today.

Theres a woman who lives'on the row of houses behind me, I don't know her but we say hello if we pass in the street. Looks like she hasn't got any TV channels either becaurse she's outside in the rain, with an old bloke pointing at my TV aerial. Digital TV eh! not as great as we were lead to believe in my opinion. I'm expecting that poor old bloke will be up a ladder soon....the shouts of left a, lost it gone again. Its along way upto that aerial, there's a kids Trampoline underneath so he'll be ok. More apples have fallen of the tree, shall I throw them at him? Better than Jobcentre Plus online.

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