Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday Monday!

Morning! I've just got back from a walk into town. I had to sign on and do some other bits. The jobcentre was full of it's usual characters, a woman who stank of piss (who sat next to me!) and a bloke who turned up in shorts with scruffy shoes and no socks. The Security guard has been kicked out by his missus this week! The staff like to discuss their personal crap in front of everyone before they start. I was in and out this morning, they didn't even ask me how my job hunting was going. I was really looking forward to joining in the social and tell everyone what I've been up to.

A band I've loved for years, Jane's Addiction, release a new album next month. I'm a bit excited! They are (to me anyway) and amazing band and jaw dropping live.

Anyways, back to job hunting. Wish me luck.

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