Thursday, 28 June 2012

Alot Of Fuss Over A Man With A Stick!

It was our turn for the Olympic Stick yesterday. It passed through my town being carried by some bloke I've never seen or heard of before. He had a dog too, and it goes everywhere with him when he goes out to work. His job is some sort of fire and rescue thing. What I want to know is why we didn't have someone famous with very little connection to the area carry it through like in so many other towns around this once great country. Yes, I'm on one as usual. The town council are really what's got up my nose and their efforts to welcome the Stick. they closed 60% of roads when the route only went along two. Slight over kill and a damned inconvienence to the normal folk who like me were coming home from work and had a massive de-tour of a journey that would normally take 5 mins at most. but this is what made me shake my head with disbelief.........
That is the effort of the council, one solitary banner, and not visible in the picture is the fact it was filthy dirty. The flags by the way are left over from the Jubilee that nobody could be arsed to take down. So all in all, yet another pointless exercise people seen to go nuts for these days. It was in Lincoln last night, they had fireworks. Mablethorpe had a flypass by the Dakota, and street performers doing cartwheels, juggling and alsorts. We had a 3 piece brass band out of tune and a march by a hand full of Air Cadets. I love it! My Brother is a War Hero, having been one of the first over the border into Iraq on the 2nd Gulf conflict. He Also took part in a raid on a Mostar bank while in Bosnia that was holding laundered money from the War there. He came from Bosnia with the story of how while on patrol near Banja Luka they were approached by a nervous farmer who ushered them toward a barn. Mindful of possible dangers they investigated the barn only to be greeted with a Russian built mobile gun buried under 5 foot of pigeon shit. It turned out the fleeing Armies gave the Farmer the Vehicle in exchange for his pick up truck so they could get out of there without being blown to bits by Nato aircraft. To cut along story short (which strangely involved Boy George at one point) it ended up in England at the Imperial War Museum Duxford.
I've just finished my latest model and damned fine it looks too. It's a Hercules Transporter.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Prometheus.......Oh Yes!

Prometheus, I've been waiting for it since I first heard Ridley Scott made the announcement he was re-visiting the Alien Universe with a prequel to the original Alien film. OK, it's not a sequel.....but it almost is and god it's good. The Engineer creature is so cool but not in it enough and theres to many questions left unanswered. I'm not interested in this 3D having seen several films that it hasn't worked on, however, the 3D in this has been done very well.