Monday, 31 October 2011

oh my feet!

Well you can tell I've done bugger all for the last 6 months. My legs ache. Been a good day, very productive but I don't mind admitting I'm tired.

The Supervisor's a bit of a tit though, likes the sound of his own voice too much. Good job I'm only there a few weeks because I could see a fall out.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Jim's had it!

Well another weekend over and again I've got fuck all to tell you about. I see Jim'll fix it died. OK he did charity work alot and the Queen musta liked him because she invited him to be a knight but I thought the bloke was a cock-end. And before anyone says have you met him, or, he probably thought the same about you (2 of my mothers' favorites), the answers are, Yes I have and he wasn't particularly pleasant, and, probably not because I got the impression he only liked his mother and himself. My Uncle met him many times too and he said he was a rather unpleasant man. Anyway, shouldn't speak ill of the dead as they say......thats "they", not me!

I've got myself a little job until Xmas, ok, it's not really what I want to do, but I could do with the money and it'll keep me occupied for a a few weeks. I'm looking forward to it actually.

My mate at the Seaton Carew Diaries has been making me laugh with his latest posts, he also has been putting on some of his photos on there which are very nice. If anyone see's him about say hello!

Me and the Chick went out for a wander round Hemswell on Friday afternoon. It used to be the sight of an RAF Base between Lincoln and Scunthorpe but now is the home to many Crap (sorry Antique) shops. Well we didn't just go for fun She wanted a good sturdy chest of drawers for her eldest sons clothes. We didn't find one but we did see a lot of shit. Especially a guy who's set up selling Models and his own Diaramas (I think thats what you call them), he basically done a runway with a Dakota towing a big troop carrying glider on on its way to the war in Europe. OK, now I'm taking my hat off for his detail on the tiny Airfield buildings and the tiny model soldiers and airmen but his planes were far from my standard, and I'm a beginner. Well, This wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the fact he had it up for sale for a wapping £645! I'm gonna go up there again and see if he's sold it. if So, I know where I'm gonna make my fortune because it'll prove anyone will buy anything.

I saw the newish film Captain America the other night. It's Shite!

I've got a funny feeling I'm going to sleep bloody well tomorrow night!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mother and Mayhem

Yesterday I had a very casual interview for a job. It's not a great job and will see me through to Xmas, but it gets me out the house and a bit of money coming in. Well, as usual it didn't exactly go to plan. A friend of my Mothers rang her the other day asking her if I'd be interested in the Temporary postion. She rang me to ask, I said yes as it looks as though I'm not worthy of JSA anymore and any money is better than no money. She then rang back her friend and the details where then passed back to me after another phone call. Yes, all very complicated, why she just didn't give the guy my number and we could have sorted things personally I don't know but hey, she was trying to help. Well I call it help, it would of been a help If she actually listened. I got the "Information" from her and had a quick swot up on what this company does all ready for Mondays meeting.

I woke up Monday morning nice and early, checked my "smarts" for creases, showered, shaved and went out the door for the "Interview". Off I drove, it was only 7 miles from my house but all the way there I was thinking what questions to ask, like you do, so you don't look a prick when they ask if you have any questions and you sit there blubbing and stumbling over you words in the hope something pops into you head. I arrived at the location I'd been instructed to go to, I hadn't been given a time as they're pretty laid back but it was half 9 in the morning, wanted to show I was keen of course. I walked to the sales desk as I was told to and asked for the guy. The small bearded man behind the desk looked at me puzzled....."Who? I don't know that name I'm afraid. Can I ask what you are here for exactly?" I explained the situation and the puzzled look became even more puzzled (if thats possible). "Well I pretty sure you're at the wrong place sir" he said "let just ring the boss, she might know who this person is". Following a brief phone call it was confirmed........He didn't work there, I was in the wrong place and the "Information" my Mother didn't listen to was wrong. I politely thanked the man who cheerfully wished me luck in finding my proper destination I left, trying very hard not to go off like an Atom Bomb.

I did go off like one in the car, out of view of anyone. When I calmed down enough to string a sensible sentence together I tried calling my Mother who did her usual and wouldn't answer her bloody phone. I then rang my Father, who incidently had nothing to do with any of this, and asked him if he could get hold of Mrs Helpful and explain the situation and get in touch with me ASAP. In the mean time, I was thinking where the info went wrong and using a bit of logic I decided to try another firm, another 7 miles on from where I was currently sat boiling with rage. Off I went, out into the great wilderness of the Fens all the time thinking the best way off bumping Mrs Helpful off later.

OK, well I arrived at my second destination. I made the enquiry if this guy worked there to which I got a yes! Would you believe it. Well, this sort of shit is very much the way my life works these days. Calming down I had the "Interview". It seemed to go ok, I explained my circumstances and that I'm willing to do anything as long as I have a bit of money coming in. I have to wait now. He ideally wants somebody to start next week so with a bit off luck he'll ring and I can afford Xmas and M.O.T my car!

The story doesn't end there though, oh no! Mrs Helpful rang me while I was having my meeting. She left an message on voice mail. In fact two. The first I snappy one saying "I told you to write this down. It's blah blah blah and ask for Paul Blah Blah Blah". The second sent a few minutes later was very apologetic "Sorry Grizzly love, It's not Blah Blah Blah it's So and So. I am sorry. Let me know how it goes". Bloody Idiot.

I'm keeping out her way for a bit. I feel like pushing her down the stairs.

I got a letter Yesterday from the Benefits Office that completely contradicted the one the sent on Friday. To cut along story short they needed a recent ISA/Savings statement so they can see if I'm skint enough to qualify for JSA payments. I've got a little stashed, to be untouched as this is my emergency fund to keep my car on the road should anything break or in case any other unforseen expence rears it's ugly head. As I say its not alot and need to keep my hands off it. I've never had a Statement for my ISA since it was opened but I can get one by using a fancy machine in the bank. The building society is another matter. That has evenless money in it.In fact by rights isn't mine (another story I'm not going into, but it's legal!!). Well I asked for a statement but they said they can't issue on on my type of account!? They suggested I photo copy my account book!

They can send me shed loads of Junk Mail every week though about how well they're doing in these hard times but can't sort me a statement out.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Something to do!

I've found out that I'm not entitled to any benefits as of the end of the month. OK, if thats the case then fair enough but can anyone explain to me how the fuck people can be on the Dole forever, other hand outs and no intention of finding work? This country is a fucking piss take.

Luck would have it I may have a temporary job 'til Xmas. It's cash coming in and although I doubt it's gonna be a fortune it's going to be more than £67 quid a fortnight. Shall find out tomorrow.

I had a man start talking to me the other evening while I was sat on the door step having a quiet smoke. I haven't a clue what he was talking about, I was amazed at how he looked...

OK, so he wasn't red and didn't have sawn off horns but he looked like Hellboy. The fact that his voice was deeper than Barry Whites didn't help my mind wandering either.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Return And A Suprise

This morning I turned on the TV and was listening to the news while my head engaged and started working. I do this most morningsbut the TV goes off soon after because as I've mentioned before, TV in the morning is piss poor. Well, I unfortunately caught a bit of Loraine Kelly, she was talk to two others (I don't know or care who) about shite but what caught my attention was the news that the Stone Roses are re-forming? Why? OK, their first album was good but it was of it's time. The second album was appalling and live they weren't much better. Ian Brown sadly couldn't hold a note to save his life. For years and years the question has been asked if they'd re-form and the answers been a solid no from most of the member as they split up not liking each other much. Whats the point then? Money obviously, and I can't blame them in that respect but it takes the magic of the first album away for me. Some things are best left alone. Will Reni the Drummer return or will they have a stand in? It's like the Specials isn't it. It's not the truely the specials without Jerry Dammers is it? It's a funny subject I suppose. I won't be spending what will most likely be a huge ticket price to see them.

Oasis! Another band I have mixed views on. Again the first album was a great album, the second not as good but had some good songs on it but those were ruined by the constant radio play at the time. The rest....well I'm not commenting because they were shite. The Brothers Gallagher I wasn't much of a fan either, Liams swagger and stupid haircuts didn't amuse me. I had run in's with Arseholes like that every weekend down town. Now I heard Liams saw Liams new band on TV a few months back at one of the Festivals and they were garbage. I didn't really expect anything else to be fair but I was suprised by Noels' new single. I first heard it while getting my haircut the other week but didn't know it was him until yesterday when I heard it again. It's not bad at all.

Still think his a tosser though.

I mentioned a band the other week called Jane's Addiction. They had a new album out yesterday. I'm dissapointed. I love that band but this is their weakest album. Again a band thats split and re-formed several times. It's not worked this time.

Well I think it's time to dig out the jumper. The weather's certainly acting it's season today.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Phew Was getting worried.

Thank god. My mate at the Seaton Carew Diaries has returned. I was worried for a bit then. Welcome back and nice photos by the way.

She's Had A Wash.

Signing on day today. Yes the woman who smells of piss was there and yes she sat next to me again. Today though she didn't smell of wee. I think she must have had a scrub up.

Life is funny. I do like to grumble about it but mostly it makes me laugh. I was at my Girlfriends again from Thursday last week and although I spent most of it looking after her eldest son who had Bombay Belly, I saw something that made me laugh. As I've mentioned before her neighbour is one of lifes waste of spaces, a druggy who has never worked a day in her 30 odd years of living but managed to have 3 kids (not an ounce of good in any of them) and has had the council throw what must amount to many thousands of pounds at her. Well, I need to explain a bit of back story, about a year ago her "boyfriend" at the time, another fine example of human development, decided to walk into the benefits office and smash the place up with a baseball bat and was jailed for it. We had heard whispers over the last few weeks that "The Neighbour" was moving to Essex but couldn't find out if this was true or not. Friday morning a minibus (funded by the Council) came and whisked them off. They had what they could carry in a few bags with the intention of coming back to collect the rest of her stuff in a few days time. Of course news got round, and being the person she is had pissed a few folk off most notably "The Boyfriend" who she stole £600 from while he was behind bars. That explains the rush move then? Apparently he wasn't amused! Anyway, by 8 o'clock that evening her house had been emptied by all those she'd pissed off, owed money or just didn't like her. It was an amusing sight, people wandering round with council funded Wii & Playstations, washing machines and tumble driers, even the fridge contents apparently. It was like a scene from Shameless. Well it's saved her a job hasn't it!!! I shouldn't laugh, and if she wasn't such a Shithouse I probably wouldn't have. But I did, all weekend. Laughed my head off.

What comes round goes round as they say.

Now, this didn't make me laugh. In fact it shocked and saddened me. This morning a former work friend rang me with the news of another former work mate who stabbed his 24 year old girlfriend to death at the weekend. I knew he was a bit of a rogue but never expected this of him. It just goes to show you never know what's round the corner. A sad story.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Quiet existance

Well, so far this week I've had nothing to moan about apart from my JSA might be stopped at the end of the month but I'm not concerning myself with that at the minute. I've immersed myself in my music to keep my head straight and free from boredom this week and came across this that I can't stop listening to.

I really like it.
There's also another guy called Jonathan Wilson who I read about in Mojo Magazine the other month and finally got round to looking him up. I think this song is one of his best.

Yeah ok both a bit hippyish but I like Hippy music.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Brute Force and ignorance.

Managed to replace my number plate this morning. It involved a Hammer, Drill, Nuts and Bolts and a large dollop of brute force. It's on straight too which is an achievement for me!!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

It Rained alot!

It pissed down most of the weekend in my part of the world. I was at my dearests again and we stayed in all weekend. I decided to finish all models that are on the go while I had the time, that included finishing off the Typhoon I'd helped the lad with the other week. I have to say, apart from tidying up the paint job and doing the more fiddley bits he did a great job.

I also finished off the Tornado. After breaking off bits while I was trying to stick the more fiddly parts on and having to fix it a few times, I don't think it's turned out too bad.

Other than that It's been quiet. I still haven't heard from that poxy agency that promised me at the interview they'd have some work for me, it's starting to look like a Xmas free year for me.

I've been trying since Wednesday on and off to change my rear number plate on my car. I cannot for the life of me get the damned thing off the car. Has anyone got any tips as I think the screws holding it on are rusted in position? I need the old plate in one piece as to mark up and drill the new one. Please any tips would be appreciated.

Monday, 3 October 2011

God forbid Anyone Having An Opinion

I love my music. I like alsorts of different styles from rock, Electronic, Folk, Classical you name it there's usually something I like. But I don't like all music, just like everyone else on the planet. Yesterday I downloaded from Amazon the new Ozric Tentacles album "Paper Monkeys" and was eager to get it on the stereo as I been a huge fan for donkeys years. I was sorely dissapointed. To me it's all sounding the same and in recent years they've become more electronic sounding, by that I mean it feels less human and more done on a computer (computer generated basslines for example). This is just my opinion of course, something I'm entitled to and speak openly about. This is Britain of course, not Cold War era Russia. I gave the album a few listens, and as I'm pretty clued up on the Ozrics and knowing what I like and don't felt the need to write a little review on it at Amazon. It was fair, honest and far from rude or offensive. Within 3 hours, 2 people had commented on my review, again neither arguing against my point and one of them sort of agreeing with me that maybe the best is behind them, not a bad feat considering they'd been on the go since the early 80's.
This evening however I went over for a look at the Ozric Forum just to see what others thought. It seemed my comments had caused a stink with a band member. She was having a groan about my review saying it wasn't supposed to be available yet and my 1 star review had tainted the album, actually it was a 2 star verdict!. She said that EVERYONE other than me thought the opporsite, that it was a totally new sound as it was a totally new studio, the mixing had been done differently and the guitars were different. She finished off with this, and I quote "I get so very tired of fighting over music that's meant to make people happy". Who's fighting? Who was moaning? Did it make me Happy spending £7 on something that sounds past its best? No it didn't but I was very polite about it.

I've noticed more and more that if anyone disagrees on these sites you just come across fury and anger at the fact you are going against the grain and saying your piece, supporting free speech and opinion. Something I'd have expected the Band to tipped their hat to. Obviously not. I've taken the review down and replaced it with a half lie. It's now got a 5 star review and I've mentioned the 3 tracks (of an album of 9) that are worth listening to. I'll let everyone else put there 5 star reviews on there, as that's all it's going to be full of as no-one has the balls to say different.

God forbid anyone wanting a balanced view of things so they can choose to buy something or not.

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


The Interview I had on Thursday was worthy of writing about on here because it utterly strange, something my life seems to be faced with more and more as the months pass. It was a baking hot day, the hottest on record for the time of year since records began apparently so having to wear my "smarts" wasn't what I needed, especially the Tie but you have to make the effort for these things. I drove down, windows and blowers on full to stop being soaked in sweat, parked up and walked round to the small shop I was to have the interview arriving 5 minutes early. After shaking hands and apologising for being slightly early the man asked me to bare with him while they dealt with a customer, no problem I said and waited. I was joined by a woman and she introduced herself as the owner, we shook hands, and the man then rejoined us. He said he recognised me and I said I'd always gone to them for my Fridges, Washing Machines as do my parents (which is true). He then asked me if I smoked, was fit and healthy and if I had any medical complaints that would prevent me from carrying out the duties the job required to which I answered. I then asked if they were they busy and a little about the job thinking that this was just pleasantries before the interview as we were still stood in the middle of the shop with people coming in and out. I then got, well thank you for coming and they'd let me know either later that day or the following morning how I got on. That was it and before I knew it I was walking back to my car approxiately 8 minutes later. I was gobsmacked. I could not believe that was it.

The following day they phoned me and thanked me for my time but didn't get the job. I don't think they liked my Tie.