Sunday, 28 August 2011

So Much To The Wilderness

We aren't going camping! My fault apparently, I never organised it. I did actually organise it, I really wanted to take the my dearests' 2 young 'uns away for a couple of days for an adventure. Got prices, location, organised a tent and roped in the assistance of my brother ( a Soldier by trade, very good at camping out! Always handy). It was nothing to do with the fact she never bought their Sleeping bags or them going off with their Grandparents every other week. No my fault, I'm responsible and also have the added downer of letting them down like their Father! This of course is a load of old shit. I treat those boys like my own and far better than their Father. She knows this of course but likes to give me a bollocking from time to time. I of course take no notice because I don't live in that strange place women do! So, the beards gone, Grizzly Ben Adams has gone away for another year.

Sexist jibes over.

It pissed down with rain thursday and friday. Apart from the weekly trip to Asda we were house bound (it was really pissing down!). This wasn't ideal for 2 boys, already bored and ready to go back to School. No amount of Nintendo Wii stopped the bickering, poking, teasing and general all round adult annoyance. I can't blame them, they are kids. Saturday however the Sun was out and I ran those kids excess energy off round the field for hours. When they were suitably knackered and muddy I pissed them off with further exercise and walked to the CO-OP for some milk. They came back with a comic each so they were smiling, my wallet and me weren't. long gone are the days when the Beano cost 25p. It's "Toxic" and cost you almost a sodding fiver. And I'm rotten to those boys!

Had a pint with my old pal H this afternoon, well 3 pints. For a Bank Holiday weekend it was dead. I remember a day you wouldn't have got in the place on a Bank Holiday as everyone would be out. It's sad in a way, spose everyones at home on Facebook talking to each other.

The garden's full of sodding Apples again. Guess what my job is tomorrow?

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