Monday, 21 November 2011

Arse Over Tit!

I've done myself some damage. I tripped over some wooden pallets at work and hurt myself. I've got a nasty bruise to my right upper arm, right fore-arm, index finger on right hand, bruising just under my Sternum and some nice bruises up my upper left arm and across my left shoulder. Luckily I didn't take down the Shed or i'd have been in trouble. The person who left it were it shouldn't have been has kept their head down today. If they don't bring me a bottle of Rum in tomorrow There'll be trouble.

I've started a revolution, I've been eating away at people convincing them Radio 1 is for fuckwits with little brain cells, obviously anyone even remotely switched on would get fucked off with the same 5 songs over and over again day in, day out. But it seems this doesn't effect some, who think it's great and aren't pissed off listening to Ferne Cottons' pointless chattering about bollocks. However us few with a brain have managed a day and a half with "Absolute - 90's radio". OK still not BBC 6 Music but they vow not to repeat any song all day! It's a start. So we have 3 Factions trying to gain control of the radio, those with brains (of which I'm leader), the brainless (fighting for Radio 1) and the utter dregs (who insist on calling the radio "The Wireless". And these people aren't as old as you'd think either!). So the dregs have no chance, as they are looked down upon by most folk. I will be victorious as I have the supervisor on my side. First the radio, then the company.....THEN THE WORLD HAHAHAHAHA!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Glasshouse!

As you are aware I've recently been doing some work. The position is only temporary which is fine as it's not really for me. Of course I won't turn work down but it's not really what I want to spend my life doing as it's pretty dull. The one saving grace is that some of the people there are top people, really nice and a good laugh. These people like me have taken the job as work is hard to come by these days (especially out in the sticks where I live) and range from Graduates, Accountants and Fitness Instructors amongst other things.

This company has only 7 permanent staff of about 35, the rest being temps like myself. These 7 have been there since they left school and are of various ages from mid 30's to early 60's and to say they don't get out much is an understatement. I overheard one particular person talking to another that they remembered the bottom Greenhouse going up (I later found out it's approximately 18 years old!) and them talking about being built and how amazing things are these days! It's a fucking Greenhouse not the Olympic Stadium. Needless to say I'm looking forward to the contract ending to give my brain a rest from the highly riveting conversations I'm exposed to.

Another weekend has past and I worked half of it, my own choice, so time time I spent at home I relaxed....alot. The boys were at their dads so we had a pleasant time on our own relaxing without having to keep the boys amused. It made a nice change.

Apart from that I've got nothing to say so I'm off. Cheers.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Utter Bollocks

Right. Currently watchin the new "comedy" series by Gervais/Merchant called Lifes too short. Well I'm told its a comedy but I haven't laughed yet. These 2 talentless twats really have only one idea which wasn't funny to start with.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Coughs, sniffs, accidents and dissapointment.

I'm still poorly but like the true hero I am I went to work today. Some would say I deserved a medal but I just do my bit to keep the wheels of industry rolling. I did something yesterday I've not done since I was very young. Well I wont go into details but it involved cough medicine disagreeing with my stomach and a large sneeze which had disasterous consequences for my underpants, luckily I was at home or I could have been in deep shit so to speak. I've avoided the Cavonia cough mixture today and guess what, no accidents. Should know beeter than to trust a product advertised by Ainsly Harriot. More of a reason to smack him if I see him! OK, after my little outburst last week with regards to COD Modern Warfare 3 I have actually played it. Thankfully I didnt buy it, I was lent it and have finished already. It really isn't worth the hype and the end of the story thats been running through the series wasn't worth the wait either. Any parent thinking of getting there kids it for your money. Get Skyrim instead.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Sniffles.

Today was the day it finally dawned on my Girlfriends eldest son what this day truely meant. He's getting to the age where things are sinking in and he's getting a better idea of the world.

I have a sinking cold which started to brew Thursday evening before throwing in a nasty chesty cough yesterday leaving me today feeling like my brains going to pop and my ribs are broken. I feel absolutely awful. Of course over the course of the weekend I've heard the word(s) "Man-flu" used alot. It's been directed in my direction for some reason which I cannot understand as I have what is known by doctors around the world as "The Common Cold". Where the fuck did this Man-flu come from? Why do women automatically throw it about when a man is feeling a bit crook?

Fuck Man Flu, I urge every man to hit the person who next says it to you and eradicate it's use from this day forward.

Hail The Revelution!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

WAR! What is it good for?

I see today was the day the most eagerly awaited computer game EVER! hit the shelves today. CALL OF DUTY Modern Warfare 3. I nipped into Tesco this morning on the way to work for a sandwich and bits. Just inside the door was a huge display shelf thing and all they had on it was 2 copies,this was at 6am this morning.
it was a huge display and I expect it was full when they put it out. That means that some crazy bastards got up at stupid o'clock to buy it. Madness.

That madness continued at work. One idiot (and yes he is an idiot) was at Blockbusters at 2am to get it and had been up since playing it. Conversation didn't get much better either. It was all about the game. OK, I've played the first 2 and they were good games, but I've played better. What is this obsession? Is it me? Have I missed something?

Fuck knows.

I have to endure Radio 1 at work. I feel after a week my brain slowly dying. It's fucking shocking. Truely awful. They say that you can tell you are getting old when all the music in innthe charts sounds the same........I dissagree, it's sounds like it sounds the same because it does all sound the same (If you get me?) You've got Chris Moyles, ok he's not bad then after that it goes downhill rapidly with Ferne Cotton and never gets better until the radio goes off at the end of the day. Today in the "Live Lounge" was a band called Modestep, they are responsible for one of the most irritating songs on the playlist at the minute and they played it "live" in the lounge. They then do a suprise cover of somebody else's songs. They Did that Coldplay one, you know the one thats played over and over and over again, yes, that the one, the one that sounds like the last song they released. It started in fairness to them quiet good then all of a sudden turned into their song they'd "performed" minutes before!

Tomorrow I will be taking my MP3 player. Fuck what the boss says.

Sad news for the Red Arrows again today. Another Pilot killed. How long do you think the health and Safety police Ban them? Thoughts go out to friends and Family.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

LAna Del Rey

Just a quick one while I've got my music head on. This song Radio 1 are playing a lot at the minute and I really like it. Dunno why but I find myself humming it all day. Have a listen.

Flash, Bang........fizz!

Well what an exciting weekend it's been! I got a firework and set it off in my dearests front garden last night....
Needless to say she wasn't impressed as it attracted the police and neither were the boys. Hardly a spectacular display I agree but they could have had fuck all. Some people!

Apart from that I was at work most of the day yesterday. I've got to grab it while I can. I had a letter from the Benefits office, well I had 3 actually, my P45, a letter saying that they weren't going to continue my JSA after reviewing my application and that they weren't paying me anything more and a third saying as I'd stopped signing on (I signed off as soon as I was offered my temporary job) and that I'd started full time employment they were paying a "Back to work grant" of £100. So they couldn't pay me anything more when I wasn't working and had no money coming in but can pay me £100 pounds now I am working!?! Fuck knows how this country works but it's a bit backward if you ask me.

I made a new friend at work. He's pretty quiet but has been helpful while I've been finding my feet. Anyway, it turns out he's into some of the same music as me. Nothing strange in that I suppose but I do have a bit of a wide range of tastes and it's far from the mainstream, in other words a lot of it you wont hear on the average Radio Station. Well, it turns out he likes a band called Fugazi, a "post-hardcore" band from Washington DC. They were very influential on other bigger named acts but always refused to go against their view and ethics a turned down the big record deals. There aren't many fans of this band about these parts so it's always good to come across another.

We also likes these...

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Oh and another for the list....

Peter fucking Andre. He will also go on the list. Near the top. Talentless twat. Just watched a bit of his program and I think to myself.....why is this prat given airtime?

Isn't It Dark Early These Days!

Third day back at work and I'm fucked. The long days walking around sorting stock is taking its toll on my poor old feet. Sunday I will be sitting with them in a bowl of warm water! Despite that I'm glad to be earning again, even if it is only a temporary position.

I've just caught a bit of The One Show, it's not something I go out my way to watch as it's mostly bollocks but this evening I just had a look to see who the guest was. It was that unfunny prick Ricky Gervais. Who actually finds this arsehole funny? He isn't funny. Not much better as an actor either. I wish the Media would stop encouraging him & his equally unfunny (and shit Radio presenter stephen Merchant) from making new "Shows".

He's on my "Smack Him If You see Him" list along with:
Ainsley Harriot (not a cook or Chef, just irritating)
Richard Madeley (out and out wanker)
Ricky Gervais (not funny, smart arse)
Jonathan Ross (not funny, but funnier than Ricky)
There's more but can't be arsed at the minute.