Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Back to School!

I'm going back to school! I had a meeting this morning with a lady from Boston College. I was referred by my careers advisor to do a Food Hygene course which I'll be honest I really didn't want to do. We chatted about this and that, what's available to me and so on but she agreed that the course I was there to do might not be what I'm after for the minute. So on the 13th of September I will be attending a Work Skills Assessment day which will involve various things designed to guide me on to what courses will be of benefit to me. While in my Interview, my "Action Plan", I was asked what my Interests are. Drawing being what I'm best at (apart from relaxing but they don't have courses on that!) I've been asked to look into how I could possibly turn that into a career. Certainly something to look into, I've slipped out of the habit of getting pencil to paper just lately.

The town this morning was dead, typical as I walked down. I saw an old School teacher down there. I've not seen the bloke since I left, not that I particularly wanted to, he is looking his age. He was our R.E. teacher, a Born Again nutcase with a habit of perving over the girls. He looks like a dirty old man these days. This was the man who held an assembly at leat twice a year which usually revolved round some barmy story and at the end would explain how Jesus fitted in and how the lord worked in mysterious way blah blah blah. One assembly I remember so vividly was the time he bought a New Age guest speaker in. This man was South African (see I remember it vividly) and was telling this rather bollocks story of how he was once a Builder and that one day a house he was working on fell down for reasons never explained and that he saw an Angel come down and save him from a falling wall! That day changed his life and he now dedicates his life to the word of the Lord. Of course this went down like a lead balloon with us and the teachers and thankfully was never aloud to preach in school again. Yes a pointless story but sod it.

I watched a program about Bill Hicks last night. He was an American Comedian who died in 1994. He spent years on the comedy circuit in America but never got as big as he should have. He became popular over here due to the fact that he was a)funny and b)because by the time we had heard of him he had altered his act from taking the piss out of his religous up-bringing and to taking the piss out of America, a bit like what Rich Hall does these days.

It's a little ironic that after that sketch, he died of Cancer. He had a point though!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Total Nightmare

Town today is manic. I live in a small market town, well you'd call it a Market Town but there's no Market anymore. It's a small town. I had some jobs to do, drop a perscription in at the doctors and pick up a parcel, then nip up the road and get some shopping. This normally would have taken an hour tops. I don't hang about you see. Not today, I left the house just before 10am and I arrived back at 20 past 12! If if wasn't for having to go shopping I'd have walked. There is a one way system in the town centre. This was bought in about 15 years ago to ease the traffic. The problem is they then put Traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings in everywhere which then snarls up the traffic coming into town from all directions. So we all sat and watched the world go by from our Vehicles. While sat there, I saw at least four people press the button(you know the ones you press so the green man comes on)at one particular crossing and carry on straight past it! That pisses me off. There's no need. It's things like that the death penalty should be bought back for!!!

Now, I'm not age-ist (ageist?) but old folk do have an incredible knack of getting up my nose at times. For a generation that us younger folk are told, were bought up with more manners and respect than today they don't show it sometimes. In the doctors a couple of old women holding up everyone else nattering away in the doorway, completely oblivious to anyone else, that or just being plain rude, then getting the hump because someone politely asked to get by. Or the person in Tesco invading my space and cuffing me round the back of the head with some flowers, which stank of cat piss by the way, and jabbing me in the back with their bloody basket. I'm begining to think it's actually me, not everybody else thats fucked up.

I've got a meeting tomorrow, I've been put on a "Food Hygene course" by the job centre. Something I don't want to do but unfortunately if I don't I put my JSA at risk. I really do not want a job in food. It's something else to put on my CV I suppose but hey, what difference is that gonna make for me, the luckiest bloke alive!

I saw one of those shows the other day where these Antique experts travel round the place buying shit and at the end of the week trying to sell it at a profit. I amazes me what people will spent on shit, and it is shit (with the very rare occasional nice thing). Claris Cliff pottery, Highly collectable and people spend good money on it. It looks fucking awful, like something a child would paint at nursery school. Tobey Jugs are another! christ all mighty, what the hell are they all about? Well, obviously people with buy anything, so when if I get a few quid to spare I'm gonna try the old shit, sorry, Antique game out.

I don't know why but I always imagine David Dickinson smelling of Old spice and Stale Cigars!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Roger Tango! Ready for take off.

I took a drive out earlier. I have a day to myself and didn't want a day in. As my Dearest has taken the boys out to some kids theme park near Matlock and my friends have all gone out for the day I decided a drive in the country was in order. I drove to Coningsby, home of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and just by luck the Lancaster, Hurricane and a Spitfire were all being checked over ready for flight. So I pulled over and got a few shots.

Being from a military family, my Dad served in the RAF, I have a soft spot for military aircraft (I'm not an anorak who spends his days stood on a stap ladder with a camera and taking down the Reg numbers!) so this was a pleasant suprise for me.

I think the fact these Aircraft are still flying is a good thing and a reminder that Britain was once great and produced some truely great things. Hats off to all those who battle to keep these wonderful pieces of British Heritage alive.

I wasn't alone of course. Standing next to the end of the Runway on a grass verge next to a single track road was a small collection of people. Among those were two elderly gents with what I presume were their grand kids, telling them in great detail the in's and out's of the Lancaster. Being a nosey sod and sanding next to them I listened in with interest. On the other side of me however were a couple of odd balls. 50 odd, never had a girlfriend, spots, baseball caps on with Aeroplane badges covering them, step ladder and camera with a lens a mile long. Normally I wouldn't mind these social outcast, everyone has their hobbies, but these two were crusing for a brusing. Huffing and puffing because other people were there, taking up the good vantage points, moaning there were kids mucking about, generally getting up my nose. Tossers.

I've just heard my Sister in Laws' Mum has had a heart attack. She's poorly but doing ok. Thinking of you Chris....hope you get well soon.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

So Much To The Wilderness

We aren't going camping! My fault apparently, I never organised it. I did actually organise it, I really wanted to take the my dearests' 2 young 'uns away for a couple of days for an adventure. Got prices, location, organised a tent and roped in the assistance of my brother ( a Soldier by trade, very good at camping out! Always handy). It was nothing to do with the fact she never bought their Sleeping bags or them going off with their Grandparents every other week. No my fault, I'm responsible and also have the added downer of letting them down like their Father! This of course is a load of old shit. I treat those boys like my own and far better than their Father. She knows this of course but likes to give me a bollocking from time to time. I of course take no notice because I don't live in that strange place women do! So, the beards gone, Grizzly Ben Adams has gone away for another year.

Sexist jibes over.

It pissed down with rain thursday and friday. Apart from the weekly trip to Asda we were house bound (it was really pissing down!). This wasn't ideal for 2 boys, already bored and ready to go back to School. No amount of Nintendo Wii stopped the bickering, poking, teasing and general all round adult annoyance. I can't blame them, they are kids. Saturday however the Sun was out and I ran those kids excess energy off round the field for hours. When they were suitably knackered and muddy I pissed them off with further exercise and walked to the CO-OP for some milk. They came back with a comic each so they were smiling, my wallet and me weren't. long gone are the days when the Beano cost 25p. It's "Toxic" and cost you almost a sodding fiver. And I'm rotten to those boys!

Had a pint with my old pal H this afternoon, well 3 pints. For a Bank Holiday weekend it was dead. I remember a day you wouldn't have got in the place on a Bank Holiday as everyone would be out. It's sad in a way, spose everyones at home on Facebook talking to each other.

The garden's full of sodding Apples again. Guess what my job is tomorrow?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It Landed On My Doorstep This Morning

I thought my luck had changed yesterday, I was offered a job. Unfortunately the pay didn't warrant a 96 mile round trip. It was in Scunthorpe. I don't mind travelling to work, I had to for my last one, but thats just a bit to far with fuel prices as they are.

While most people were still hanging on to "Britpop", there were some great bands that got overlooked. Flaming Lips, Grandaddy and Mercury Rev to name a few. To be fair, they weren't your avaerage Radio bands but still did some great songs. One of my faves were Grandaddy, who split up in 2006. The main man Jason Lytle went on to make a fine solo album. Their classic album "The Software Slump" has been re-released with an 2nd disc of demos and bits. It's a great album. I fact all their albums were good but there's something about this one. Give it a go.

I'm supposed to be taking my dearests' boys camping this summer. I'd best get a shift on coz they'll be back at school soon. So this weekend I think she'd best get a sleeping bag sorted for them. I've not been camping since 1987! should be amusing. Just planning to go down to Rutland, so it's not far if they decide it's not for them. My brother lives that way too so no doubt he'll join me. I'm growing a beard so I can be just like Grizzly Adams!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday Monday!

Morning! I've just got back from a walk into town. I had to sign on and do some other bits. The jobcentre was full of it's usual characters, a woman who stank of piss (who sat next to me!) and a bloke who turned up in shorts with scruffy shoes and no socks. The Security guard has been kicked out by his missus this week! The staff like to discuss their personal crap in front of everyone before they start. I was in and out this morning, they didn't even ask me how my job hunting was going. I was really looking forward to joining in the social and tell everyone what I've been up to.

A band I've loved for years, Jane's Addiction, release a new album next month. I'm a bit excited! They are (to me anyway) and amazing band and jaw dropping live.

Anyways, back to job hunting. Wish me luck.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Red Four

One of the Red Arrows crashed yesterday with the death of the pilot. He was 33. Having seen the Red Arrows hundreds of times and living not far from their base I never grow tired. At 33 the pilot achieved something amazing, to become a pilot of the worlds best aerobatic team. Very sad.

I was coming home from asda in a friends car on Thursday last week and spotted something strange in front of us.
This Van has no back windows, but why the hell has it got a wiper?

X Factor has started again, great! New judges this series with that top bloke from Take That, Gary Barlow, you know...Kens' son, taking the place of Simon Cowel as the horrible judge. Unfortunately I couldn't avoid it, I usually avoid X Factor at all cost. All I'm going say is I'd like to kick Barlows teeth out. He's a twat.

Watched a couple of films over the weekend, "Let me in", a remake of the Swedish film "Let the right one in". I've seen both and enjoyed both. The 2nd, "Super 8", A love story between a young boy and girl disguised on the trailer as a good old fashioned Alien/monster movie. It's OK suprisingly, just don't expect to see much of the creature even when you get to the end. It's about the kids of the town not the monster.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

The wonders of morning TV.

I've been avoiding TV in the daytime. It's a habit I nearly fell into the trap of a few months ago. Apart from the news headlines with a brew (not Special Brew!) thats about it. This morning however I was up and about early. I put the TV on, watched the news as usual but made the mistake of turning over to ITV and stumbling across a camp bloke waffling shit about hair do's for women. He drew my attention because I couldn't believe how stupid he looked for a start. Too much fake tan and dressed completely in white which just made him look even more orangey brown than I thought possible. Then there was his tips "on great looking hair". Well, if you think showing them a picture of some Hollywood star and telling them "and you can do that at home with a heated brush" a tip then people are more stupid than I thought. Anyway, that wasn't the bit that got me, it was the item of "if your planning on going outside, don't forget to protect your hair, these FANTASTIC lines of suncream for hair...", Oh my God! Suncream for fucking hair! Whatever next, "protect your eyebrows from sweat with this fantastic spray, available from the highstreet at £35"?

I'll not watch daytime TV again because it's full of shit.

Got turned down for another job yesterday, sadly never made the interview stage but I was on the short list. It's getting difficult out there.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Quick Question...

.....can anyboby tell me what a "Foot Can Manager" is?

Fucking TV!

Right, I'm officially in the "slipping into madness" zone. I woke up this fine morning feeling a bit shitty, that funny feeling you get just before a cold breaks through. I hope I'm not getting another cold, not long had one. Anyway, it's the 2nd phase of tuning in the digital TV's day. You may remember I mentioned I lost all the BBC channels last time, well, I've re-tuned again. The downstairs is ok but the fucking upstairs...(deep breath grizz, keep it together!)....I now have the BBC channels again but everything else is gone.

I can't fucking win.

I'm going to take my frustration out on those apple trees in the garden I think. They're magic apple trees because a whole tree load of apples fall on the floor, I go out and risk my life with the pissed up wasps and pick them up and the next fucking morning, there's another tree load on the floor. The bloody tree is still full of them. I have offered them to people, they are welcome to pick them from the tree (they are cooking apples), but nobody wants them.

I'm seriously thinking about doing voluntary work, but I'm not sure what I should get into. Anyone got any ideas?

I had a text from my friend asking if I wanted to go to a School Reunion in September. Someone on Facebook is organising it. He knew what I'd say but asked coz he would only go if I was....odd you may think, until you know who's organising it and who's apparently going. I'm not going, because I wasn't exactly the best of friends with most of the list and If my memory serves I owe one of them a quid! Sorry Ellerby, I'm skint and jobless, you ain't having it.

It's funny, I'm really not interested what people I went to school with are doing now. Most will be married, divorced, have kids. I think that the people I'm still in contact with now from those days are the ones that I'm meant to be friends with. We've made an effort to stay friends. Fuck the rest of ya! I always have an image of what these reunions are like. For instance, the Fat ugly girl at school is bound to be the finest looking and is just there to rub it in. The Bully wont go but the bullied will, in the hope to get their own back. Everyone will be itching to know what you've done with yourself since leaving school, hoping like fuck it's not as good as them. Maybe it's me and it's not like that, but I bet you I'm not far off.

I found this on youtube the other day.....I found it funny.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Having a People free day.

After yesterday I decided I needed complete peace and quiet. I was just feeling pissed off and had a feeling of depression setting in. I took a drive out to where my brother got married, a little Abbey on it's own in the fens, miles from any irritants.

I left my phone behind, took a book I'm reading at the minute and enjoyed the sounds of the country. I might do this more often.

My Mum in her wisdom bought the film Rango the other day. She couldn't work out why it wouldn't play on her DVD player. It was thrust under my nose, as if I have magic to make things better! I pointed out to her, not for the first time that Blu-ray discs, clearly marked up Blu-ray on the case, don't play on normal DVD players. "Oh!" she said, "buy a normal one off of Amazon and we can swop then. You can have this one". Put simply, she wanted me to buy a DVD I don't want!

Now then, is it me or is there some conspiracy to fuck my head up. Thats how things seem this week so far.

Shooting stars was funny last night. There was one thing that I noticed, Ulrika's neck seems to get longer with age!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Grumble Grumble

Not a happy man today. I had a meeting with my Personal Careers Adviser this morning. She's nice and helpful, one of the better staff members down there. Well, to cut a long story short, about 4 weeks ago she put me forward for funding for a forklift truck course. This seemed like a good idea as there are a few jobs round these parts that required this licence as part of the vacancy. I was turned down apparently, weeks ago, but the tossers in the Jobcentre failed to tell me. I asked one fuckwit in there when I signed on if there was any news and they claimed there wasn't. So now I've put a complaint in as that is the 2nd time they've failed in passing on imformation to me. The first time nearly ended up with my JSA being cancelled.

I took a slow walk to the bank to pay a cheque in. A favour for my elderly neighbour who's now housebound. I could have chosen any bank to pay it in to but unfortunately I chose the one that had 5 people sat at the cashier windows but only one doing anything. It was slow going, mostly old folk dithering, getting on my nerves and a large American or Canadian buffalo, sorry, woman in front of me who stank and was talking as loudly as humanly possible on the phone. Of course, she insisted on finishing her conversation before she carried out her banking duties. She then turned to me and said "I'm sorry for holding you up, but I'm not spoken to my Mom in a few days!". I like to think that I'm polite, but I also have a good command of swear words, which I used to good effect at her to the amusement of the old guy behind me. My fondness for the human race at this point is on Zero.

After the bank incident I returned to my car and had a drive up to see my old pal Harold. He's always good for a laugh. He didn't fail me, watching him almost do a Basil Fawlty on one of his vans because the fuel filter wouldn't fit in position properly had me in stitches! Luckily, the sight of me rolling about the yard pissing myself started him off too. We had a cuppa, pissed ourselves at what old school friends look like now on facebook.

One person we found on there from school now thinks of himself as a Rock Star! He always was a bit of a prick. Well, he's got a band going now down in London. I've had a listen to some of their stuff and in my opinion its shit. He'll probably be famous now I've said that. I hope not, like I say, he's a prick.

The job search today was really worth it, with nothing of interest cropping up. I'm thinking about doing some voluntary work. There a drop-in event down town in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, I'm off to throw rotten apples at the kids 2 doors down. Coz I'm in that sort of mood.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Back To Square One...

Been at my dearests' house for a few days. Whilst I've been away I recieved a letter from the company I had that Interview with last week. Unfortunately I wasn't successful so it's back to square one, the joys and laughter trawling through the piles of cleaning jobs on the job websites. I was a bit dissapointed but hey, shit happens, time to move on.

The area my dearest lives isn't the best to be blunt, but there are alot worse places in Lincoln. To be fair, I wouldn't go so far as sayin the area's the issue, it's some of the people that bring it down. For example, the single mother, and her 3 kids on one side are experts in ruining a whole street. At the ages of 10, 8 and 6 they're all on first name terms with the local Fuzz. Friday I went down the local CO-OP for some milk and bits. I was stood waiting to pay, minding my own business when a lad, late teens or early 20's joined me in the queue. No problem there you might say, until I realised he's was in nothing but his pants! I looked at him, normally, as I didn't want him to think he was getting a reaction (or worse) and he just looked at me back, smiled and nodded! I thought to myself, well if he ain't bothered then I'm not. I was waiting for the security guard or a staff member to throw him out but no, the lady at the check out never even batted an eye.
Friday night I introduced myself to the neighbours at half 3 in the morning. Twice. The second time nearly kicking their front door off its hinges. They were asked quite politely to keep the noise down on several occasions by another neighbour. I don't like repeating myself! There hasn't been a peep out of them since.

We went to the Cinema Saturday afternoon, Lincoln Odeon being the most expensive in the country, (according to Look North!). Yes it was expensive, well over £30 for the four of us. Harry Plopper was Becky and her eldest sons' choice, they are unfortunately sucked into the Harold Potter garbage and hype. They liked it. I on the other hand had offered to take the younger son to see something else as he thinks Harry Porter is even shitter than I do, and so one wasn't treated and the other was etc hour and a fucking half of The Smurf's I had to endure. Anyone with kids, nephews or nieces, grandkids or are planning to see this themselves can I offer this bit of advise first? DON'T. As kids films go this is among the worst. The "jokes", you now the one's that are put there for the parents, just so they don't fall asleep, well they aren't even funny. I was glad it was all over. It gave me a headache.

I wonder what percentage profit Cinemas make on popcorn? I bet its a vast fortune.

There's a program on this evening about Giants of the deep. It looks good. Being a former qualified Sub-aqua Diver with the BSAC, I do wish I'd had the funds to carry on with it. Those camera men have an amazing job. Oh well, no good crying over what could have been eh?.....well, being a jobless oaf, living in the middle of nowhere and the chance of moving very slim, dreaming about what could have been is all I have these days (cue violins and sad music).

My Niece has been round this afternoon and she's great.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Feeling Calm Again.

Interview over. I think it went well and now I need to wait to see if I'm selected for a 2nd interview. I'm feeling positive, but like I say, it's now down to them. It's going to be an interesting time for me if I do get a job there, working for a company that seems to be organised and know where they are going. I hope things work out.

Today's the day.

I've woken up with bad guts. Today of all days. Might be nerves. I'm hoping they'll settle down by interview time. Although I am a bit nervous I'm positive and looking forward to it. It's a strange feeling. I just want a job, looking at the job websites & daytime TV are doing my head in.

I see those bloody idiots have been at it again, riots on the streets of London, Birmingham and now Nottingham! Send in the Army and shoot the fuckwits thats what I say.....while we still have one! Reminds me of that Smiths song:

"Panic on the streets of London
Panic on the streets of Birmingham
I wonder to myself
Could life ever be sane again ?
The Leeds side-streets that you slip down
I wonder to myself
Hopes may rise on the Grasmere
But Honey Pie, you're not safe here
So you run down
To the safety of the town
But there's Panic on the streets of Carlisle
Dublin, Dundee, Humberside
I wonder to myself"

Got the Ozric Tentacles on this morning. They're helping me with keeping cool. I really miss those days they released good albums, not like the last few, when all the band left and it became a family affair (son on Keyboards, missus on Bass etc). Well here's them live coming to the end of their best period. I saw them on this tour and bumped in to Bass player in a pub in Cambridge. Really nice bloke.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Smart Phones!...mine isn't very smart.

Well the weekends been and gone and only a day to go until my interview. I'm a bit nervous, I don't know why but I am. These country mesters' (Lincolnshire Fen dialect: "Mester(s)" meaning person or people) are not easy to please. Well, I'm sure I'll win them over with my bright personality, warm smile and knowledge of the potato! I've had my hair cut this morning and will be ironing my shirt and pressing my trousers later. I can make the effort for certain things.

I've got a Smart Phone, a Samsung Galaxy 1. A few months ago I managed to break the screen while it was in my pocket and cost me £70 for the repair and to be fucked about by the staff in the Lincoln Branch of 02. Well, while it was away, not only did they repair it they loaded it up with the latest version of software. Good I thought, but the problem is just lately it's does what the fuck it likes. It sometimes forgets to lock causing me to open various Apps while its in my pocket, I send texts that nobody gets, people send me texts and the phone kindly saves them up and sends me them all at once hours later, usually in the middle of the night. These phones are very clever I have to admit but I think next time, employment permitting, I'll get a normal phone.

I watched a shite film at the weekend, and I really should have known better really. It was called "The Reef" starring a bunch of unpleasant Australian nobodies. Yesterday I returned it to the person who lent me it and lead me to believe it wasn't that bad. His mum was there so I wasn't rude but I'll have the bastard!

I signed on this morning, I'm not proud but needs must. It never fails to amaze me in there though. My time to sign on is 9AM! if I'm late I don't get "paid". 9.30AM I'm finally called up. They are rarely open on time, usually 5 or so minutes late. They spend an age talking crap to each other, this morning they were all eager to find out what car the security guard bought himself at the weekend (a new style Corsa, Black apparently). After they have pointlessly flapped about with bits of paper and got their cup in position on their desk, they start calling out the names. Now, I've recieved no help in getting a job and I'm not expecting anyone to help me either. It MY responsiblity to get a job. Well thats what I have always been lead to believe. It seems that those people who obviously don't want a job, and you can spot them a mile off, will get the staff bending over backward to sort all their shit out for them. A bloke came bouncing through the door today, shouting and hollering that he hadn't been "paid". the security bloke directed him to the free phones and said you need to press button B and sort it out with the benefit office. He wasn't having any of it, demanding that "Mandy" did it. Some woman I presume was Mandy, stopped what she was doing with some poor jobless bum and went and did it for him! I was fuming. I'm glad Mandy wasn't sorting my claim out at the time or there would have been blood spilt. People like this shouldn't be entertained by the benefit system. They've no intention of doing fuck all for themselves.

Gonna clean the inside of my car in bit. It's been done several times since I left my previous job but its still got sodding concrete dust in the carpets. I Hate Concrete.

I've been listening to Fleet Foxes today, the latest album "Helpless Blues". Not into it as much as their first album.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Weird stuff

I like to take an interest in unusual things, the unexplained etc.. you should check out the great Magazine "Fortean Times" if you haven't already. Their website is also worth a look too. Today had a couple of good ones, the first, a BBC journalist this week whilst driving to work spotted a flying disc in Hertfordshire. You can check out what he had to say at this link:

The 2nd is a great video showing the wonders of mother nature (sorry but it doesn't involve naked women!):

Give it time, the face appears about 1:20 ish.

It's done!

I know you probably aren't interested, not that my rambling are overly interesting but the Vulcan's finally finished. I think it looks nice. If I was to make another I would spay paint it. Being quite big, the brush marks are still noticable even after a few coats. Ah well, I'm still a beginner so I can't be to fussy. Wanna see?

Took a drive out to see where this job interview is on Tuesday.I found it ok, it's bout 15 miles up the road and was nice to see there are no holes in the roof and the walls aren't crumbling like my last place!! I saw my old friend Harold today too. Seems his business is doing well at the minute so thats good. All good in the world...unless your that bloke in Sweden who tried to split the atom in his kitchen, when he blew his cooker up heating some radioactive materials, he thought he'd best phone the authories just to check that he wasn't breaking the law. He was later arrested for not having a radioactive materials licence!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Just a quick one...

Finished the Millenium Trilogy films last night. The final installment being the "The Girl who kicked the Hornets' nest". It brings all the twists and turns together and answers everything. I enjoyed them and will watch the remakes. Worth a watch.

The Vulcan paintwork coming on and it's starting to look nice, going to need a few coats though. Really into this model kit stuff at the minute and it's not a mega expensive past time. Better than trawling Jobcentre Plus and getting bored with "Cleaner wanted....£0.50 per hour....2 hrs a week, overtime expected" or "General operative....meets n.m.w.....60 hrs per week....". I had a day off from it yesterday so I'd better get my arse in gear and see what wonders are on offer today.

Theres a woman who lives'on the row of houses behind me, I don't know her but we say hello if we pass in the street. Looks like she hasn't got any TV channels either becaurse she's outside in the rain, with an old bloke pointing at my TV aerial. Digital TV eh! not as great as we were lead to believe in my opinion. I'm expecting that poor old bloke will be up a ladder soon....the shouts of left a, lost it gone again. Its along way upto that aerial, there's a kids Trampoline underneath so he'll be ok. More apples have fallen of the tree, shall I throw them at him? Better than Jobcentre Plus online.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Scam pt 2 and some good news.

I've just come home from Phil's Models and got the paint I need for the Vulcan. I'm going to start it this afternoon. While I was down town I had a telephone call from a company I'd applied for a job with weeks ago and to be honest, hadn't thought much more about since. Anyways, They've invited me for an interview. It's not the career path I wanted but it's a job, and in the current climate I can't be fussy. It's in Quality again but this time.....please no's in the Potato industry. Well, Considering I'm surrounded by fields growing the damned things I might as well join in! I'm happy and hopeful. After countless applications I've sent off, I've had 1 Interview. That was a complete farce, They forgot I was coming, interviewed me for a completely different job I'd applied for. After not hearing anything from them, despite them saying they would let me know either way I rang them, only to be told they'd decided they didn't need to fill the position! Well, that firm was in Grantham so I shouldn't have expected otherwise really.

I'd only been home 5 minutes when the phone rang....some Indian sounding woman saying there's a problem with my computer! Yes, them again. This time from "Global Tech - London". I've looked them up and found this:

" Some of you may have already had this, it has been around a while but it seems to be rearing its ugly head again.
You get a call claiming to be to Microsoft Global Tech Support or similar. They tell you that they have detected that you have received malware on the computer and they will put you through to a tech who can sort it out. Another guy comes on and asks you to go to your computer and takes you through to your event viewer. This will show errors that have occurred on your system. So far so plausible. But the whole point is that everybody at some time will have these errors but they claim they have a solution but they need to take over your computer to ‘sort it out’.

RED FLAG – Don’t let anybody you don’t know take over your computer remotely!
If you let these guys in they will load on software which will cause serious problems. They will then try and scam you for money to get the software to work. But if you’ve got this far you’ve totally had it. If you pay – and it seems the amounts are £150 – £200 for the ‘upgrade’ it still won’t work. And they have your credit card details and have had access to all the data on your computer – just use your imagination what this can mean.
This scam is being operated out of Pakistan and India. If at any time you want to call a halt they’ll happily give you a name and UK number to call back on. In some cases they will even refer you to a website which looks genuine."

Fucking Shithouses!

Dragon Tattoo, Scams, digital switch over and bloody Wasps.

Over the last few evenings I've settled down to the Millenium Trilogy films, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc. Watched the 1st Monday and the 2nd last night. I've haven't read the books so I can't compare but I'm enjoying them. The story isn't particularly difficult to explain but I'm not going to go through it all here but considering I wasn't particularly fussed in seeing them and only put it on because Television is awful these days, I've found myself hooked. Now, If you do intend on watching these films make sure you watch them in order because they won't make alot of sense otherwise. I hope English re-makes are as good and aren't ruined.

Yesterday I had a phone call, an Indian sounding lady claiming to be from Microsoft. She said that my computer was full of Viruses and I could lose everything at any minute! Not entirely convinced I let her carry on with her quite clearly scripted waffle. It was all quite convincing to be fair until she got to the point of asking to download a program from the Internet which allowed her to access my Computer remotely so SHE could clear out the evil thats got onto my poor PC. well I'm daft but not completely daft, having not followed a single thing she'd asked me to do, and told her to SOD OFF. She then said that she was from Mircosoft, based in London and said the call was being recorded then started from the beginning of her script and tried again. Well She Obviously didn't understand SOD OFF so I tried FUCK OFF instead. she then explained that the call was being recorded....yes you can see where I going with this one. I put the phone down, bordom had entered my life once again. I did look up this scam on the internet, and I was right, It was. So just be aware that this is a scam. Microsoft have issued a statement apparently saying they do not make these calls to the public.

I was hot last night, didn't sleep well and woke at around 4am this morning. I couldn't drop back off so I decided I'd re-tune the TV's as we are in the middle of the digital switch over here, deep in the heart of Lincolnshire. Well, my mood darkened because downstairs the TV has got all the channels but the ones upstairs haven't, missing all BBC channels, Film 4 and Dave amongst others. Don't think much to Digital at the minute. Pissing me off.

I've just raked up the Apples and mowed the garden. Rotting apples attract Wasps, christ It was like the skys over the Channel during the Battle of Britain out there! Wasps, tanked up on rotten apple juice, taking exception to me and my rake. I was lucky to get out alive. Don't have Apple trees in the Garden, more hassle than they're worth.

I'm still liking the Kurt Vile album, gets better with each listen. try this:

Monday, 1 August 2011

My First.....

Hello, thanks for taking an interest in this blog. I've never written a blog before, in fact I don't  post anything online and avoid being sucked in to the world of Facebook and Twitter. In fact I'm a little unsettled by how much Facebook has worked its way into the daily lives of people these days. Anyway, enough of that. I'm gonna use this place to waffle rubbish, maybe share some stories of my really exciting existence and let you know what I'm listening to, music being a bit of an obsession of mine.

Having been unemployed since the end of April (made redundant), I've had to find things to keep my head from caving in from bordom in inbetween job searches (I've just sent off my 32nd application). I spend half the week with my girlfriend and her 2 kids and the other half at home. I try and see an old friend at least once a week for a catch up and a laugh and the rest is all mine, this is where I struggle. So, I've taken up model making, having just finished the Battle of Britain memorial flight. This past-time was originally given to me by my dearest for her two boys ( and hers) obsession with these World War 2 aircraft. So, last Saturday, I had the grand ceremony of the hanging from the ceiling. Sadly couldn't get the Royal Air Force Band into their small room so I played the Dambusters tune from the stereo downstairs. I've got to admit, I did a good job considering they were the first kits I've put together on my own. Sunday I started a Vulcan kit, sat down with the Grand Prix on and had assembled it buy the time it was finished. I was a little disspointed, it was an Airfix but it didn't fit together very well and there weren't alot of parts so it was made pretty quickly. Next is the bit I like best, the painting. Going for the colour scheme of the only flying Vulcan left, a nice green and grey camo design. Phils Models didn't have the colours I needed this morning so thanks to him, I'm now behind schedual on this "HUGE" project.

Right, last night, I stumbled across a new music artist I'd not heard before. He's called Kurt Vile, been going a few years and toured with Dinosaur Jr, Ariel Pink, Sonic Youth & The National. I'm a fan of these bands and after downloading the album "Smoke Ring For My Halo" I am now a fan of this guy. Anyone who likes the sounds of Bright Eyes, Phosphorescence or Monsters of Folk will like this guy. Those of you who aren't, check him out anyway. I also downloaded Thurston Moores' newish one too. He's in Sonic Youth by the way. Thats good aswell, alot more chilled than Sonic Youth.

Kurt Vile.

Anyways, thats it for now.