Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dragon Tattoo, Scams, digital switch over and bloody Wasps.

Over the last few evenings I've settled down to the Millenium Trilogy films, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc. Watched the 1st Monday and the 2nd last night. I've haven't read the books so I can't compare but I'm enjoying them. The story isn't particularly difficult to explain but I'm not going to go through it all here but considering I wasn't particularly fussed in seeing them and only put it on because Television is awful these days, I've found myself hooked. Now, If you do intend on watching these films make sure you watch them in order because they won't make alot of sense otherwise. I hope English re-makes are as good and aren't ruined.

Yesterday I had a phone call, an Indian sounding lady claiming to be from Microsoft. She said that my computer was full of Viruses and I could lose everything at any minute! Not entirely convinced I let her carry on with her quite clearly scripted waffle. It was all quite convincing to be fair until she got to the point of asking to download a program from the Internet which allowed her to access my Computer remotely so SHE could clear out the evil thats got onto my poor PC. well I'm daft but not completely daft, having not followed a single thing she'd asked me to do, and told her to SOD OFF. She then said that she was from Mircosoft, based in London and said the call was being recorded then started from the beginning of her script and tried again. Well She Obviously didn't understand SOD OFF so I tried FUCK OFF instead. she then explained that the call was being recorded....yes you can see where I going with this one. I put the phone down, bordom had entered my life once again. I did look up this scam on the internet, and I was right, It was. So just be aware that this is a scam. Microsoft have issued a statement apparently saying they do not make these calls to the public.

I was hot last night, didn't sleep well and woke at around 4am this morning. I couldn't drop back off so I decided I'd re-tune the TV's as we are in the middle of the digital switch over here, deep in the heart of Lincolnshire. Well, my mood darkened because downstairs the TV has got all the channels but the ones upstairs haven't, missing all BBC channels, Film 4 and Dave amongst others. Don't think much to Digital at the minute. Pissing me off.

I've just raked up the Apples and mowed the garden. Rotting apples attract Wasps, christ It was like the skys over the Channel during the Battle of Britain out there! Wasps, tanked up on rotten apple juice, taking exception to me and my rake. I was lucky to get out alive. Don't have Apple trees in the Garden, more hassle than they're worth.

I'm still liking the Kurt Vile album, gets better with each listen. try this:

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