Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Total Nightmare

Town today is manic. I live in a small market town, well you'd call it a Market Town but there's no Market anymore. It's a small town. I had some jobs to do, drop a perscription in at the doctors and pick up a parcel, then nip up the road and get some shopping. This normally would have taken an hour tops. I don't hang about you see. Not today, I left the house just before 10am and I arrived back at 20 past 12! If if wasn't for having to go shopping I'd have walked. There is a one way system in the town centre. This was bought in about 15 years ago to ease the traffic. The problem is they then put Traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings in everywhere which then snarls up the traffic coming into town from all directions. So we all sat and watched the world go by from our Vehicles. While sat there, I saw at least four people press the button(you know the ones you press so the green man comes on)at one particular crossing and carry on straight past it! That pisses me off. There's no need. It's things like that the death penalty should be bought back for!!!

Now, I'm not age-ist (ageist?) but old folk do have an incredible knack of getting up my nose at times. For a generation that us younger folk are told, were bought up with more manners and respect than today they don't show it sometimes. In the doctors a couple of old women holding up everyone else nattering away in the doorway, completely oblivious to anyone else, that or just being plain rude, then getting the hump because someone politely asked to get by. Or the person in Tesco invading my space and cuffing me round the back of the head with some flowers, which stank of cat piss by the way, and jabbing me in the back with their bloody basket. I'm begining to think it's actually me, not everybody else thats fucked up.

I've got a meeting tomorrow, I've been put on a "Food Hygene course" by the job centre. Something I don't want to do but unfortunately if I don't I put my JSA at risk. I really do not want a job in food. It's something else to put on my CV I suppose but hey, what difference is that gonna make for me, the luckiest bloke alive!

I saw one of those shows the other day where these Antique experts travel round the place buying shit and at the end of the week trying to sell it at a profit. I amazes me what people will spent on shit, and it is shit (with the very rare occasional nice thing). Claris Cliff pottery, Highly collectable and people spend good money on it. It looks fucking awful, like something a child would paint at nursery school. Tobey Jugs are another! christ all mighty, what the hell are they all about? Well, obviously people with buy anything, so when if I get a few quid to spare I'm gonna try the old shit, sorry, Antique game out.

I don't know why but I always imagine David Dickinson smelling of Old spice and Stale Cigars!

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