Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Technology and the old folk.

My Dad's been pulling his hair out because he can't get his new "Recordable" Digi-box working. "Well, I can't get the sodding thing to work...there's no sound on any of the channels for starters.....you have a look at it as I've spent ages trying alsorts", was the rant at the end of the phone. I, being an all round nice bloke, went to have a look. The problem was solved in approximately 2 seconds. "Try plugging the scart lead in all the way 'til it goes no further dad" I said. I've been running tests for the last few days and it's recording OK so fuck knows what he's going on about. Sad how something as simple as a digi-box can confuse a man once responsible for keeping Britain safe from Nuclear obvilion during the cold war isn't it! Oh well, The sun's out today for a change and I've celebrated with a can of Shandy Bass.....not as nice as I remember.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Thought I'd drop by.

OK I've been busy so I've not been here for a bit. The new job going great and I've been accepted into the gang. Now I'm going to feel really horrid now as everyone's been really nice to me and I have to say they are all nice people....well except one, who's not particularly not nice but something doesn't particularly sit right with me. Anyways, they're all nice but for fuck sake they need livening up. I spent the last 10 years working for a company that seemed to attract characters and despite it nearly driving to mental breakdown I did have some great laughs. I have to share my break with a lady who eats Apples loudly (not that gum-slapping noise, just loud munching and swallowing) and who's main conversation is how she's having to work longer before she can retire/get a pension blah blah blah! Tough Shit. I'll be lucky to ever retire and get a state pension. This is Daily by the way. I'm now resorting to lunch in the carpark sat in the car as the bunch of girls I share my lunch slot with a) don't talk to me! and b) sit and slag off the same people they did the day before. My Manager is a nice bloke, but I do have a funny feeling he's done it on purpose, as a test or character building exercise. He won't break me...oh no....he won't.
I've finished the Red Arrow model. like it? I've had a bit of a break from modelling but started again a few weeks ago. Now working on a Hercules, which is looking rather good and Buccaneer which I've stalled on for the minute. There's been some good music out these last few weeks. Currently Richard Hawley's "Standing at the Sky's Edge" and Beach House "Bloom" albums are on constant rotation. Check them out: Right, I'm off to do some washing and watch the Big Bang Theory.....laters.