Thursday, 18 August 2011

The wonders of morning TV.

I've been avoiding TV in the daytime. It's a habit I nearly fell into the trap of a few months ago. Apart from the news headlines with a brew (not Special Brew!) thats about it. This morning however I was up and about early. I put the TV on, watched the news as usual but made the mistake of turning over to ITV and stumbling across a camp bloke waffling shit about hair do's for women. He drew my attention because I couldn't believe how stupid he looked for a start. Too much fake tan and dressed completely in white which just made him look even more orangey brown than I thought possible. Then there was his tips "on great looking hair". Well, if you think showing them a picture of some Hollywood star and telling them "and you can do that at home with a heated brush" a tip then people are more stupid than I thought. Anyway, that wasn't the bit that got me, it was the item of "if your planning on going outside, don't forget to protect your hair, these FANTASTIC lines of suncream for hair...", Oh my God! Suncream for fucking hair! Whatever next, "protect your eyebrows from sweat with this fantastic spray, available from the highstreet at £35"?

I'll not watch daytime TV again because it's full of shit.

Got turned down for another job yesterday, sadly never made the interview stage but I was on the short list. It's getting difficult out there.

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