Sunday, 14 August 2011

Back To Square One...

Been at my dearests' house for a few days. Whilst I've been away I recieved a letter from the company I had that Interview with last week. Unfortunately I wasn't successful so it's back to square one, the joys and laughter trawling through the piles of cleaning jobs on the job websites. I was a bit dissapointed but hey, shit happens, time to move on.

The area my dearest lives isn't the best to be blunt, but there are alot worse places in Lincoln. To be fair, I wouldn't go so far as sayin the area's the issue, it's some of the people that bring it down. For example, the single mother, and her 3 kids on one side are experts in ruining a whole street. At the ages of 10, 8 and 6 they're all on first name terms with the local Fuzz. Friday I went down the local CO-OP for some milk and bits. I was stood waiting to pay, minding my own business when a lad, late teens or early 20's joined me in the queue. No problem there you might say, until I realised he's was in nothing but his pants! I looked at him, normally, as I didn't want him to think he was getting a reaction (or worse) and he just looked at me back, smiled and nodded! I thought to myself, well if he ain't bothered then I'm not. I was waiting for the security guard or a staff member to throw him out but no, the lady at the check out never even batted an eye.
Friday night I introduced myself to the neighbours at half 3 in the morning. Twice. The second time nearly kicking their front door off its hinges. They were asked quite politely to keep the noise down on several occasions by another neighbour. I don't like repeating myself! There hasn't been a peep out of them since.

We went to the Cinema Saturday afternoon, Lincoln Odeon being the most expensive in the country, (according to Look North!). Yes it was expensive, well over £30 for the four of us. Harry Plopper was Becky and her eldest sons' choice, they are unfortunately sucked into the Harold Potter garbage and hype. They liked it. I on the other hand had offered to take the younger son to see something else as he thinks Harry Porter is even shitter than I do, and so one wasn't treated and the other was etc hour and a fucking half of The Smurf's I had to endure. Anyone with kids, nephews or nieces, grandkids or are planning to see this themselves can I offer this bit of advise first? DON'T. As kids films go this is among the worst. The "jokes", you now the one's that are put there for the parents, just so they don't fall asleep, well they aren't even funny. I was glad it was all over. It gave me a headache.

I wonder what percentage profit Cinemas make on popcorn? I bet its a vast fortune.

There's a program on this evening about Giants of the deep. It looks good. Being a former qualified Sub-aqua Diver with the BSAC, I do wish I'd had the funds to carry on with it. Those camera men have an amazing job. Oh well, no good crying over what could have been eh?.....well, being a jobless oaf, living in the middle of nowhere and the chance of moving very slim, dreaming about what could have been is all I have these days (cue violins and sad music).

My Niece has been round this afternoon and she's great.

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