Friday, 5 August 2011

It's done!

I know you probably aren't interested, not that my rambling are overly interesting but the Vulcan's finally finished. I think it looks nice. If I was to make another I would spay paint it. Being quite big, the brush marks are still noticable even after a few coats. Ah well, I'm still a beginner so I can't be to fussy. Wanna see?

Took a drive out to see where this job interview is on Tuesday.I found it ok, it's bout 15 miles up the road and was nice to see there are no holes in the roof and the walls aren't crumbling like my last place!! I saw my old friend Harold today too. Seems his business is doing well at the minute so thats good. All good in the world...unless your that bloke in Sweden who tried to split the atom in his kitchen, when he blew his cooker up heating some radioactive materials, he thought he'd best phone the authories just to check that he wasn't breaking the law. He was later arrested for not having a radioactive materials licence!

1 comment:

  1. Cool. I did mine in about a dozen coats of Anti-Flash white (painting it in camouflage first then changing my mind without stripping it probably didn't help).