Monday, 1 August 2011

My First.....

Hello, thanks for taking an interest in this blog. I've never written a blog before, in fact I don't  post anything online and avoid being sucked in to the world of Facebook and Twitter. In fact I'm a little unsettled by how much Facebook has worked its way into the daily lives of people these days. Anyway, enough of that. I'm gonna use this place to waffle rubbish, maybe share some stories of my really exciting existence and let you know what I'm listening to, music being a bit of an obsession of mine.

Having been unemployed since the end of April (made redundant), I've had to find things to keep my head from caving in from bordom in inbetween job searches (I've just sent off my 32nd application). I spend half the week with my girlfriend and her 2 kids and the other half at home. I try and see an old friend at least once a week for a catch up and a laugh and the rest is all mine, this is where I struggle. So, I've taken up model making, having just finished the Battle of Britain memorial flight. This past-time was originally given to me by my dearest for her two boys ( and hers) obsession with these World War 2 aircraft. So, last Saturday, I had the grand ceremony of the hanging from the ceiling. Sadly couldn't get the Royal Air Force Band into their small room so I played the Dambusters tune from the stereo downstairs. I've got to admit, I did a good job considering they were the first kits I've put together on my own. Sunday I started a Vulcan kit, sat down with the Grand Prix on and had assembled it buy the time it was finished. I was a little disspointed, it was an Airfix but it didn't fit together very well and there weren't alot of parts so it was made pretty quickly. Next is the bit I like best, the painting. Going for the colour scheme of the only flying Vulcan left, a nice green and grey camo design. Phils Models didn't have the colours I needed this morning so thanks to him, I'm now behind schedual on this "HUGE" project.

Right, last night, I stumbled across a new music artist I'd not heard before. He's called Kurt Vile, been going a few years and toured with Dinosaur Jr, Ariel Pink, Sonic Youth & The National. I'm a fan of these bands and after downloading the album "Smoke Ring For My Halo" I am now a fan of this guy. Anyone who likes the sounds of Bright Eyes, Phosphorescence or Monsters of Folk will like this guy. Those of you who aren't, check him out anyway. I also downloaded Thurston Moores' newish one too. He's in Sonic Youth by the way. Thats good aswell, alot more chilled than Sonic Youth.

Kurt Vile.

Anyways, thats it for now.

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