Thursday, 29 September 2011

Haircut and the last minute interview!

I have yet another job interview today. I'm ready for it! I had went up to my Girlfriends house yesterday, a normal thing on a Wednesday and I stay until Sunday. Yesterday was her eldest son's school football match that I didn't want to miss as I had promised I'd go. I left the house around half 2, plenty of time to get there but as I was leaving I had a suprise phone call asking me to come for an interview for a job I applied for on Monday. They wanted me to come in today at half one. I raced up to Lincoln, time was ticking and I had a couple of tractors and lorries to contend with. I got there just in the nick of time. Sadly they lost, by alot of goals but hey, they enjoyed themselves.
I decided as my interview was back in town, I'd stay the night, leave when the boys went to school and get a haircut, run over an iron on my shirt and trousers and buff my shoes giving myself plenty of time to get it done. Well, as with everything I plan it doesn't quite go to plan. An Hour to drive 17 miles! A SODDING HOUR! Ambulances, learner bus drivers and idiots held me back. Anyway, I drove straight to my usual was closed, then walked up to the next one and that was closed. Yes, temper was wearing thin by this time so I thought I'd try another Barbers in the center of town which I'd never used before.....yeah you guessed it...closed! This is all true. You couldn't make it up. I was just walking back to my car when by sheer chance I noticed a new shop, A Barbers Shop! Last time I knew it was a Letting Agency. So wandered across and was greeted by a friendly Barber by the name of Kaz who's from Dubai! Nice fellow, well that is until he mistakenly cut of my Sideburns! I like my Sideys and wasn't impressed but it was to late, he'd destroyed them. Much apologising later he sort of rescued the situation by re-modelling what was left and gave me the cut free. Now I'm home to be fair it doesn't look to bad.

Has anyone been watching the Fades on BBC3? It's started off pretty good. Hope they don't do a Torchwood on it!

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