Sunday, 2 October 2011


The Interview I had on Thursday was worthy of writing about on here because it utterly strange, something my life seems to be faced with more and more as the months pass. It was a baking hot day, the hottest on record for the time of year since records began apparently so having to wear my "smarts" wasn't what I needed, especially the Tie but you have to make the effort for these things. I drove down, windows and blowers on full to stop being soaked in sweat, parked up and walked round to the small shop I was to have the interview arriving 5 minutes early. After shaking hands and apologising for being slightly early the man asked me to bare with him while they dealt with a customer, no problem I said and waited. I was joined by a woman and she introduced herself as the owner, we shook hands, and the man then rejoined us. He said he recognised me and I said I'd always gone to them for my Fridges, Washing Machines as do my parents (which is true). He then asked me if I smoked, was fit and healthy and if I had any medical complaints that would prevent me from carrying out the duties the job required to which I answered. I then asked if they were they busy and a little about the job thinking that this was just pleasantries before the interview as we were still stood in the middle of the shop with people coming in and out. I then got, well thank you for coming and they'd let me know either later that day or the following morning how I got on. That was it and before I knew it I was walking back to my car approxiately 8 minutes later. I was gobsmacked. I could not believe that was it.

The following day they phoned me and thanked me for my time but didn't get the job. I don't think they liked my Tie.

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