Monday, 26 September 2011

Driving Regulations

I've been brushing up on driving regulations for 7.5t vehicles and the use of Tacho Cards today. I've applied for my Tacho Card from the DVLA and all I need now is to sit a refresher test with the Agency I've signed with. I'm not stupid but it's doing my head in. They go around the houses 14 times just to explain a simple rule. Why can't things simple these days?

My phones been pissing around again. Or it could be the network. Seem to lose signal for hours on end and text delays again. I've also noticed that the in build GPS has my location in the middle of a field about 5 miles away. Last week I was on the other side of town according to that. Piece of crap.

Yet again I've been turned down for a job. It was for a General Opperative in a local factory. I'm now convinced I'm unemployable because these guys are known for taking ANYBODY on.

I'm at an assessment day tomorrow with Boston College. The job Centre wanted me to do a basic food Hygene Course but both the College and myself have other ideas. We haven't quite decided what yet though.

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