Monday, 12 September 2011

Mirrors, Replies and General Rubbish.

A few months back my car was the victim of vandles. The driver side wing mirror was broken and left hanging, I've had it taped together since. Obviously money has been rationed so buying a new one wasn't top of my list but today I've had to order a replacement. Problem is it keeps slipping down while I'm driving along and seeing the road roll agong backwards isn't exactly what I'm after. With the assistance of my old pal H we searched the internet and couldn't find the right colour match, there was every colour but in fact. £40 quid later I've had to opt for 2 black ones, I had to get 2 so at least they matched the black trim of the car. Surely my colour wasn't the only blue Ford Focus made! No it wasn't because I've seen loads about but I suspect mine is the only unlucky one that needs maintainance.

I'm waiting a phone call this afternoon to see if I have a job. I called the guy earlier and he was just in a selection meeting. He said he'd call back this Afternoon. Fingers crossed eh! Need the money for my mirrors.

Has anyone heard Paul Wellers new single? Christ it's shit.

I've managed to find someone who wants some apples off the Magic Tree. They're coming round tomorrow to take what they want. I'll ask them to take the fallen ones too!

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