Sunday, 25 September 2011


Ever tried showing and helping a 10 year old boy with no patience and short attention span, how to make an Airfix model Aeroplane? Not a wise thing to do, especially when patience isn't one of your strong points either. It's been a good exercise for me though, I have to remember his age and he's not done anything like this before so I'm training myself to be more patient with others. He's doing well but just needs to calm down a little bit. I had to make it very clear that it wouldn't be done in half an hour! I'll post his efforts when its finished.

My Girlfriends neighbour has been a particular annoyance for me since we got together. I've commented about her kids on here before but over the last few weeks they seem to have changed. She's started doing stuff with them, their behaviour has improved 100% and they all seem to be making a bit more of an effort with life in general. The one downside of this of course is the fact that in the past most of her money has gone on drugs so they've got fuck all. My dearest will help anybody out which is fine but it now means the doors going every 5 sodding minutes, and its her or the damned kids with "Can I borrow......".

I'm banned from answering the door because apparently I'm "bloody rude". What wrong with saying no, your taking the piss, buy your own sodding.... (bread, Tobacco, Milk, Plasters, Oven Chips)? No, I didn't think so either.

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