Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mirrors, Safety Wear and nowt else.

I've had pretty much an uneventful few days really, hence the postings on here dropping slightly, but this morning I managed to get my new wing mirrors on and connected properly so they work! I'd like to say I did it all by myself but unfortunately being a bear my great big paws struggle with small fiddly jobs and even smaller spaces in which to do them in. An old friend did it for me (with my assistance! 2 cups of tea and a cig or 3). Even though they are black, they look OK, matching the trim on the car so I'm happy.

As you may be aware, I signed up with a Driving Agency last Friday. With it being an agency I have to provide my own Safety boots and Hi-vis vest. I'm pretty proud of my new "Steel Toe-cap Hiking Boot" style footware. Cost me £35, it was that or £50 for the shitty looking Boots they also had. They fit nice and are very comfy for Safety Shoes but I'm walking round the house in them just to bed them in a bit. They're also good for kicking the Ginger and white cat that's started hanging out in my garden shitting all over. Horrible creatures. I lured it in with a smile them when it was close enough, the boot went a swinging. Luckily for the cat I only just clipped its backend as it realised with horror my true intentions and ran off.

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