Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Gypsies, Tramps and Heroes.

Its pissing down with rain today. I was going to shovel up yet another tree load of apples from the garden but I'm not getting wet for that. I went up to my friends work place, he owns a Van hire company, for a cuppa and catch up instead. He was telling me a story of how last week he had several calls from farmers and the police about one of their Vans spotted acting suspiciously in various places around the country. It turned out it was the same Van, hired out the week previously by some bloke from the shit hole known as Grantham. To cut along story short, Kings Lynn Police eventually phoned saying the driver was arrested and they had the Van impounded pending enquiries into metal theft. A few hours later and after several phone calls it turns out the Police didn't have the Van and they had no idea where it was. So, my friend and business partner made their own investigations visiting the address they had to find a young lady there who allegedly had no idea about their Van or who this bloke was. Something wasn't sitting right, as we all know, never trust anyone from Grantham! After a look around the surrounding streets they found the Van, broke into it and took it back.
Now then, as this Van was classed as stolen, it hadn't been bought back and had notched up several speeding tickets ( 2 of which by the Police themselves and not a speed camera) and spotted late at night in Farmers yards in the middle of nowhere, surely to god it would have been on the polices'system and therefore pulled up at some point? No, it took the owners to do their work for them.

And they wonder why no-one has any respect for the Police anymore!

I had those con men on the phone again today, you know the Computer Virus chaps I had trouble with the other week. I thought I'd had fun with them this time. He told me his name and was working for Windows this time so I started asking my own questions. I started with "Hello Peter, could I possibly take your 2nd name", this stumped him, he stumbled over his words and didn't answer. I then asked "where are you calling from?" to which he replied London. "Can I have your office Address please Peter?" to which I got Windows Offices, Main Road, London. "You aren't from Windows Peter, are you? You are trying to con me. You do realise this call is being recorded by Interpol, the Police...." the line went dead.

Made me smile anyway.

There was program on today about people who were affected directly by the Twin Tower attacks. On it were some very sad stories which we have heard from many people. The one I was amazed at though started with an interview with a lady who's husband worked in the north tower. He called her after the plane hit his building and was up on the 25 floor. He told her he was ok and was getting as many people together as he could and was going to try and get out. Tragically moments later she saw the building collapse and for 3 days was in a state of shock that she had seen him perish. That was until he phone her! He hadn't even got offhis floor when the building came down and remembers falling. The Fire department found him still sat on the floor of his office parched on the edge of the rubble pile approx 50 feet up! He suffered only bruising. He is now firm friends with his rescuer, a fireman who lost most of his collegues in the attacks.

What an amazing thing to happen. I don't want to get all soppy but it's coming up to the 10 year mark and it still shocks me. I will be thinking about the victims of that day over the coming weeks.

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