Monday, 5 September 2011


Signing on day again today but there was no gossip this time unfortunately. The lady who stinks of piss sat next to me again, she was particularly strong today it actually gave me a headache. I walked down, the weather being sunny but with a slight breeze but on the way back I was hoping I'd miss the rain. I did thankfully.

The kids round here are back to school today. Of course with the extra buses running the town was snarled up with traffic. I watched these kids as I waited outside the Jobcentre and was extremely grateful none of them were mine. Horrible creatures. Not an ounce of manners in any of them.

I asked my brother a while back if he could get hold of any camo netting,just a little bit so the boys can play war or whatever with it. He got some, enough to camo my house with!

Job Interview later, bit nervous.

*UPDATE* Interview went ok, shall wait now for the outcome.

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