Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Loud Mouth

It started early today, ten past 6 this morning. There's a family that live directly across the way from me who are slightly strange. The wife has some sort of cleaning obsessive dissorder, one daughter never leaves the house, the other looks like the alien at the end of Close Encounters and the Dad, well he's friendly enough but has a voice that'll rival any Fog horn. He often pops across to my neighbours house to see if she needs anything, she must be in her 90's. Her son lives there too, but he's never worked a day in his life. Anyway, this morning I was woken up to the Foghorn......
"YOU THERE? I CAN'T GET IN DUCK, THE DOORS JAMMED DUCK." pause....loud knocks..."YOU THERE DUCK? THE DOORS LOCKED.....I CAN'T GET IN.....". This went on for 20 odd minutes. I had enough, poked my head out the window and shouted..."It's half 6 in the morning you loon. Do you think that she may be in bed? The fact the doors locked obviously means she doesn't want people to come in her house either? Fuck off shouting and waking the street up." The reply I got from the Foghorn was as follows, "I'm going to the supermarket and wondered if she wanted anything". "Yeah a fucking lie in you twat" I replied. He shrugged his shoulders and peddled off on his Bike.

I do hope the day gets better......

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