Monday, 19 September 2011

Rise Of The Wasters!

Today I was due at the Jobcentre for my monthly "Personal get back to work and talk general rubbish for an hour" meeting. Its a fine morning so I walked down. I was a little early, arriving at the jobcentre at ten to nine so I waited outside for the doors to open. I'd only been waiting a couple of minutes when I got a phone call from the Jobcentre just to notify me that my interview had been cancelled and there was no reason to come in as they would sign me on for that week and that they'd send me a new appointment time. That was helpful, being told seven minutes before hand that it was cancelled. I told them I was actually waiting outside so she decided that I could sign on, "As I'd already left my house". That was damned British of them wasn't it?

I was the only person in the Dole queue this morning that didn't smell of piss and had eyeballs both pointing in the same direction! Christ there were some sights down there. I'm hoping the Driving Agency come up with something and quick.

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