Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It's been like a mad cartoon.

I had a Self Assessment course today. A lot of talking about my Strengths and weaknesses and a few Tests. It's basically so The college can see what further courses would benefit me and help me in getting back into work.

I turned up early, and sat and waited outside enjoying the morning sun, listening in on some girls who were talking loudly and smoking before starting their Hairdressing classes. They didn't have much to say other than utter shit and Facebook was mentioned alot too. I was joined after a few minutes by 2 young lads, one was obviously a dope smoker (you can tell them a mile off) and the other it later turned out was a "Trekkie". He was a bit tubby, had a Blazer and casual shirt on with scruffy jeans. But what topped it off for me was the gold pocket watch on a chain he had. The dopehead was just a scruff! I'm not mister smart but at least I wash, and I had the misfortune of having one each side of me all day. They were nice blokes though so that wasn't so bad.

At lunch I grabbed a sandwich and sat by the river. I was nice and relaxed, watching the ducks, when suddenly, out of the blue came "So, do you like Star Trek?". That was it then....Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and my peace had gone. I couldn't be rude, I don't think he gets out much. We also had someone who was so obviously on speed all day, well, speed and Red bull. Not a good combination, eyeballs bulging and talking a hundred miles an hour making less sense as the day went on. There was another lad who didn't say a word all day, not even to answer his name. So, I sat at the back laughing to myself at the wonders of mankind in front of me. The Tutor bloke was a OK. You know, he couldn't spell and was from Boston but had the right number of fingers on both hands!

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