Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Man Of Mystery & The Snotty Cow

How do all! It's been a funny few days. As I've mentioned before I had a Job Interview last week with a local firm. It went OK but wasn't building things up for fear of dissapointment. Well it's over a week now and I've not heard anything so I'm pressuming I wasn't successful. As usual though, a simple thing like an interview for me turns into something more surreal. I'm expected to contact the companies I have interviews with afterward for feedback on how it went. I did so on this occasion, waited a week before I called the bloke who I'd been contact with since applying, a guy called Kris. He was a southerner, loud and seemed a confident man which I would expect in his line of work. We'd spoke on the phone and exchanged emails so I had a log of his contact details. Now then, on Monday I rang him, "Hello, is that Kris?" to which he said it was and I said who I was and why I was phoning. "Ah, Grizzly!" he said "I've just been in with Simon and was going to call you with some feedback. Look, I'm driving at the minute, I'll call you back later this afternoon". Well, he didn't. I waited until lunch yesterday and rang him this is where it gets a little odd. I got through to a voice mail message, "hello you are through to Graham. I'm unable to take your call.....". Graham! Who the hell is Graham? I've tried the same number several times and its the same. The email he sent me has the same phone number on it too. I've sent him a polite email too but funnily enough I've had no joy with that either.

I applied with a Driving Agency online today. They are a national firm and have an office in Lincoln. They rang me within half an hour of sending the application which was good. What followed was one of the hardest phone conversations I've had in a while. The lady who I spoke to was asking me questions, some I'd already answered on the application, some I hadn't been asked before. This all sounds normal but surely when you ask a question you wait for an answer before speaking again? or is it me? this went on for over 10 minutes. After spelling out my address twice I was instructed on what to bring with me to my meeting with them later in the week. She then said that she'll see me Friday and make sure I bring what I need. I was just about to say thank you and before the breath left my mouth she snapped at me, "It is an Interview!" and hung up.

I now know why I've never trusted Employment Agencies. At my last work place we had a rather irritating woman who had an Agency we dealt with. To be fair she was friendly enough, for me, a little too friendly.

I had some fairies round this morning and they took a load of apples. They even had most of the fallen ones and put the shit ones in the bin for me! Shall see if they want more next week.


  1. She brought lots of cake though.............

  2. I wouldn't know mate, everyone had scoffed them all by the time I got a look in!!!!