Sunday, 11 September 2011

Step Back In Time

I stepped back in time over the weekend. Saturday we ventured out over the Wolds to a small place called Fulstow. They hold a 1940's weekend there every year and it was the 2nd time I'd been. I'd have rather visited Belchford for the annual Soapbox Cart downhill racing weekend instead but nevermind it got me out. It's a pleasant affair, the Villages of Fulstow and North Thoresby, quiet little villages in the middle of nowhere, hold a joint 1940's/wartime event this people from all over dressing up in old uniforms, drive round in old Jeeps, stalls and usually a vintage aircraft flypast. You get the picture! It's also the home of the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway with 3 miles(ish) of what remains of an old dissused line that now ferries people back and forth in an old Steam Engine!!!!!

The SoapBox Racing sounds more exciting....bugger!

Well, as I say, It's not particularly my thing but the the other half and the boys like it and its a day out. Anyway, what I was going to tell you about were the guys n girls who do the dressing up. I've always said that even though the Nazi's were total shithouses they did have the smartest Uniforms, and to be fair there were some fine examples of these. In fact, there were more Nazi's and SS officers than Allied Forces. When we got to Fulstow and were walking into the field were the "entertainment" was happening we were greeted by a platoon of "German Soldiers" on parade having inspection and "orders" issued, it's all taken very seriously. This group of 7 men (all northerners from t' sound o' accents) were quite possibly the sadest bunch I've ever seen. Not one under 60, 25 stone, seen a hairbrush or a bath!. One couldn't have found a smaller jacket if he'd tried. I tried very hard to keep my sniggering from becoming hysterical laughter.
We had a wander around the stalls, while they were looking and the endless crap people were flogging for stupid money, I was watching a particular gentleman dressed in a Vintage Policemans Uniform, thinking he really was a policeman with his proud walk, chest all puffed out and purple face harrassing anyone "dressed up" with the line "Can I see your Identification car please?". Funny once, irratating twice, tree times.....

I'd have rather been Soapbox Cart Racing.

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