Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Return And A Suprise

This morning I turned on the TV and was listening to the news while my head engaged and started working. I do this most morningsbut the TV goes off soon after because as I've mentioned before, TV in the morning is piss poor. Well, I unfortunately caught a bit of Loraine Kelly, she was talk to two others (I don't know or care who) about shite but what caught my attention was the news that the Stone Roses are re-forming? Why? OK, their first album was good but it was of it's time. The second album was appalling and live they weren't much better. Ian Brown sadly couldn't hold a note to save his life. For years and years the question has been asked if they'd re-form and the answers been a solid no from most of the member as they split up not liking each other much. Whats the point then? Money obviously, and I can't blame them in that respect but it takes the magic of the first album away for me. Some things are best left alone. Will Reni the Drummer return or will they have a stand in? It's like the Specials isn't it. It's not the truely the specials without Jerry Dammers is it? It's a funny subject I suppose. I won't be spending what will most likely be a huge ticket price to see them.

Oasis! Another band I have mixed views on. Again the first album was a great album, the second not as good but had some good songs on it but those were ruined by the constant radio play at the time. The rest....well I'm not commenting because they were shite. The Brothers Gallagher I wasn't much of a fan either, Liams swagger and stupid haircuts didn't amuse me. I had run in's with Arseholes like that every weekend down town. Now I heard Liams saw Liams new band on TV a few months back at one of the Festivals and they were garbage. I didn't really expect anything else to be fair but I was suprised by Noels' new single. I first heard it while getting my haircut the other week but didn't know it was him until yesterday when I heard it again. It's not bad at all.

Still think his a tosser though.

I mentioned a band the other week called Jane's Addiction. They had a new album out yesterday. I'm dissapointed. I love that band but this is their weakest album. Again a band thats split and re-formed several times. It's not worked this time.

Well I think it's time to dig out the jumper. The weather's certainly acting it's season today.

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