Monday, 17 October 2011

She's Had A Wash.

Signing on day today. Yes the woman who smells of piss was there and yes she sat next to me again. Today though she didn't smell of wee. I think she must have had a scrub up.

Life is funny. I do like to grumble about it but mostly it makes me laugh. I was at my Girlfriends again from Thursday last week and although I spent most of it looking after her eldest son who had Bombay Belly, I saw something that made me laugh. As I've mentioned before her neighbour is one of lifes waste of spaces, a druggy who has never worked a day in her 30 odd years of living but managed to have 3 kids (not an ounce of good in any of them) and has had the council throw what must amount to many thousands of pounds at her. Well, I need to explain a bit of back story, about a year ago her "boyfriend" at the time, another fine example of human development, decided to walk into the benefits office and smash the place up with a baseball bat and was jailed for it. We had heard whispers over the last few weeks that "The Neighbour" was moving to Essex but couldn't find out if this was true or not. Friday morning a minibus (funded by the Council) came and whisked them off. They had what they could carry in a few bags with the intention of coming back to collect the rest of her stuff in a few days time. Of course news got round, and being the person she is had pissed a few folk off most notably "The Boyfriend" who she stole £600 from while he was behind bars. That explains the rush move then? Apparently he wasn't amused! Anyway, by 8 o'clock that evening her house had been emptied by all those she'd pissed off, owed money or just didn't like her. It was an amusing sight, people wandering round with council funded Wii & Playstations, washing machines and tumble driers, even the fridge contents apparently. It was like a scene from Shameless. Well it's saved her a job hasn't it!!! I shouldn't laugh, and if she wasn't such a Shithouse I probably wouldn't have. But I did, all weekend. Laughed my head off.

What comes round goes round as they say.

Now, this didn't make me laugh. In fact it shocked and saddened me. This morning a former work friend rang me with the news of another former work mate who stabbed his 24 year old girlfriend to death at the weekend. I knew he was a bit of a rogue but never expected this of him. It just goes to show you never know what's round the corner. A sad story.

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