Monday, 3 October 2011

God forbid Anyone Having An Opinion

I love my music. I like alsorts of different styles from rock, Electronic, Folk, Classical you name it there's usually something I like. But I don't like all music, just like everyone else on the planet. Yesterday I downloaded from Amazon the new Ozric Tentacles album "Paper Monkeys" and was eager to get it on the stereo as I been a huge fan for donkeys years. I was sorely dissapointed. To me it's all sounding the same and in recent years they've become more electronic sounding, by that I mean it feels less human and more done on a computer (computer generated basslines for example). This is just my opinion of course, something I'm entitled to and speak openly about. This is Britain of course, not Cold War era Russia. I gave the album a few listens, and as I'm pretty clued up on the Ozrics and knowing what I like and don't felt the need to write a little review on it at Amazon. It was fair, honest and far from rude or offensive. Within 3 hours, 2 people had commented on my review, again neither arguing against my point and one of them sort of agreeing with me that maybe the best is behind them, not a bad feat considering they'd been on the go since the early 80's.
This evening however I went over for a look at the Ozric Forum just to see what others thought. It seemed my comments had caused a stink with a band member. She was having a groan about my review saying it wasn't supposed to be available yet and my 1 star review had tainted the album, actually it was a 2 star verdict!. She said that EVERYONE other than me thought the opporsite, that it was a totally new sound as it was a totally new studio, the mixing had been done differently and the guitars were different. She finished off with this, and I quote "I get so very tired of fighting over music that's meant to make people happy". Who's fighting? Who was moaning? Did it make me Happy spending £7 on something that sounds past its best? No it didn't but I was very polite about it.

I've noticed more and more that if anyone disagrees on these sites you just come across fury and anger at the fact you are going against the grain and saying your piece, supporting free speech and opinion. Something I'd have expected the Band to tipped their hat to. Obviously not. I've taken the review down and replaced it with a half lie. It's now got a 5 star review and I've mentioned the 3 tracks (of an album of 9) that are worth listening to. I'll let everyone else put there 5 star reviews on there, as that's all it's going to be full of as no-one has the balls to say different.

God forbid anyone wanting a balanced view of things so they can choose to buy something or not.

Thanks for listening.

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