Sunday, 9 October 2011

It Rained alot!

It pissed down most of the weekend in my part of the world. I was at my dearests again and we stayed in all weekend. I decided to finish all models that are on the go while I had the time, that included finishing off the Typhoon I'd helped the lad with the other week. I have to say, apart from tidying up the paint job and doing the more fiddley bits he did a great job.

I also finished off the Tornado. After breaking off bits while I was trying to stick the more fiddly parts on and having to fix it a few times, I don't think it's turned out too bad.

Other than that It's been quiet. I still haven't heard from that poxy agency that promised me at the interview they'd have some work for me, it's starting to look like a Xmas free year for me.

I've been trying since Wednesday on and off to change my rear number plate on my car. I cannot for the life of me get the damned thing off the car. Has anyone got any tips as I think the screws holding it on are rusted in position? I need the old plate in one piece as to mark up and drill the new one. Please any tips would be appreciated.


  1. Nice work, is the Tornado Airfix as well? I did that Typhoon at about 10 years old. Your combined effort is a lot better :)

  2. The Tornado was a Revell kit. I found it went together much nicer than any Airfix I've done. Thanks for the positive nudge on the Typhoon too. Currently got a English Electric Lightning, Buccaneer and a Red Arrow on the go. Thinking of airbrushing the Buccaneer in Gulf War desert colours. Not airbrushed before so it should be interesting!