Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mother and Mayhem

Yesterday I had a very casual interview for a job. It's not a great job and will see me through to Xmas, but it gets me out the house and a bit of money coming in. Well, as usual it didn't exactly go to plan. A friend of my Mothers rang her the other day asking her if I'd be interested in the Temporary postion. She rang me to ask, I said yes as it looks as though I'm not worthy of JSA anymore and any money is better than no money. She then rang back her friend and the details where then passed back to me after another phone call. Yes, all very complicated, why she just didn't give the guy my number and we could have sorted things personally I don't know but hey, she was trying to help. Well I call it help, it would of been a help If she actually listened. I got the "Information" from her and had a quick swot up on what this company does all ready for Mondays meeting.

I woke up Monday morning nice and early, checked my "smarts" for creases, showered, shaved and went out the door for the "Interview". Off I drove, it was only 7 miles from my house but all the way there I was thinking what questions to ask, like you do, so you don't look a prick when they ask if you have any questions and you sit there blubbing and stumbling over you words in the hope something pops into you head. I arrived at the location I'd been instructed to go to, I hadn't been given a time as they're pretty laid back but it was half 9 in the morning, wanted to show I was keen of course. I walked to the sales desk as I was told to and asked for the guy. The small bearded man behind the desk looked at me puzzled....."Who? I don't know that name I'm afraid. Can I ask what you are here for exactly?" I explained the situation and the puzzled look became even more puzzled (if thats possible). "Well I pretty sure you're at the wrong place sir" he said "let just ring the boss, she might know who this person is". Following a brief phone call it was confirmed........He didn't work there, I was in the wrong place and the "Information" my Mother didn't listen to was wrong. I politely thanked the man who cheerfully wished me luck in finding my proper destination I left, trying very hard not to go off like an Atom Bomb.

I did go off like one in the car, out of view of anyone. When I calmed down enough to string a sensible sentence together I tried calling my Mother who did her usual and wouldn't answer her bloody phone. I then rang my Father, who incidently had nothing to do with any of this, and asked him if he could get hold of Mrs Helpful and explain the situation and get in touch with me ASAP. In the mean time, I was thinking where the info went wrong and using a bit of logic I decided to try another firm, another 7 miles on from where I was currently sat boiling with rage. Off I went, out into the great wilderness of the Fens all the time thinking the best way off bumping Mrs Helpful off later.

OK, well I arrived at my second destination. I made the enquiry if this guy worked there to which I got a yes! Would you believe it. Well, this sort of shit is very much the way my life works these days. Calming down I had the "Interview". It seemed to go ok, I explained my circumstances and that I'm willing to do anything as long as I have a bit of money coming in. I have to wait now. He ideally wants somebody to start next week so with a bit off luck he'll ring and I can afford Xmas and M.O.T my car!

The story doesn't end there though, oh no! Mrs Helpful rang me while I was having my meeting. She left an message on voice mail. In fact two. The first I snappy one saying "I told you to write this down. It's blah blah blah and ask for Paul Blah Blah Blah". The second sent a few minutes later was very apologetic "Sorry Grizzly love, It's not Blah Blah Blah it's So and So. I am sorry. Let me know how it goes". Bloody Idiot.

I'm keeping out her way for a bit. I feel like pushing her down the stairs.

I got a letter Yesterday from the Benefits Office that completely contradicted the one the sent on Friday. To cut along story short they needed a recent ISA/Savings statement so they can see if I'm skint enough to qualify for JSA payments. I've got a little stashed, to be untouched as this is my emergency fund to keep my car on the road should anything break or in case any other unforseen expence rears it's ugly head. As I say its not alot and need to keep my hands off it. I've never had a Statement for my ISA since it was opened but I can get one by using a fancy machine in the bank. The building society is another matter. That has evenless money in it.In fact by rights isn't mine (another story I'm not going into, but it's legal!!). Well I asked for a statement but they said they can't issue on on my type of account!? They suggested I photo copy my account book!

They can send me shed loads of Junk Mail every week though about how well they're doing in these hard times but can't sort me a statement out.

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