Sunday, 30 October 2011

Jim's had it!

Well another weekend over and again I've got fuck all to tell you about. I see Jim'll fix it died. OK he did charity work alot and the Queen musta liked him because she invited him to be a knight but I thought the bloke was a cock-end. And before anyone says have you met him, or, he probably thought the same about you (2 of my mothers' favorites), the answers are, Yes I have and he wasn't particularly pleasant, and, probably not because I got the impression he only liked his mother and himself. My Uncle met him many times too and he said he was a rather unpleasant man. Anyway, shouldn't speak ill of the dead as they say......thats "they", not me!

I've got myself a little job until Xmas, ok, it's not really what I want to do, but I could do with the money and it'll keep me occupied for a a few weeks. I'm looking forward to it actually.

My mate at the Seaton Carew Diaries has been making me laugh with his latest posts, he also has been putting on some of his photos on there which are very nice. If anyone see's him about say hello!

Me and the Chick went out for a wander round Hemswell on Friday afternoon. It used to be the sight of an RAF Base between Lincoln and Scunthorpe but now is the home to many Crap (sorry Antique) shops. Well we didn't just go for fun She wanted a good sturdy chest of drawers for her eldest sons clothes. We didn't find one but we did see a lot of shit. Especially a guy who's set up selling Models and his own Diaramas (I think thats what you call them), he basically done a runway with a Dakota towing a big troop carrying glider on on its way to the war in Europe. OK, now I'm taking my hat off for his detail on the tiny Airfield buildings and the tiny model soldiers and airmen but his planes were far from my standard, and I'm a beginner. Well, This wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the fact he had it up for sale for a wapping £645! I'm gonna go up there again and see if he's sold it. if So, I know where I'm gonna make my fortune because it'll prove anyone will buy anything.

I saw the newish film Captain America the other night. It's Shite!

I've got a funny feeling I'm going to sleep bloody well tomorrow night!

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