Wednesday, 28 March 2012 to make sense!

Oh the memories!

The recent nice weather has got me thinking. As you know I'm a jobless bum again so I'm alone with my thoughts most of the day as I've got no friends!! Well, my thoughts have taken me back to the days just after I left school, the mid 90's (OK 1993) and as usual the memories are usually filled with the music I was into at the time. I've always been into everything, I like music, not all of it but you could say I'm a bit obsessed. So, I've been up in the attic having a look through my old Tapes and CD's (I miss Tapes). Thankfully I have a cassette player that still works so I cleaned the Heads up and played some of my collection. There's alsorts in there, Ozric Tentacles, Orbital, Back To The Planet, Levellers, alsorts. Orbital though I hadn't listened to in ages so I decided to revisit and downloaded a few albums on MP3. Eat Static being another, the Abduction album was played to absolute death when it came out by me and a couple of mates.

I remember seeing Orbital on the TV at Glastonbury though and liked what I was hearing but loved the torch glasses. They've just performed the Radio 6 Music gigs still wearing them!

Whats the best thing for a stiff neck?

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