Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Another One Bites The Dust.....Thank Fuck.

Well, I lasted 2 months. That's 2 months of being ripped off, generally fucked around and lied to. I finally told my "boss" to "shove your job up your arse". From day one he's lied, generally taken the piss, as I've mentioned here before, and after some thought I decided at the weekend I've had enough of it. He cut my wages after cutting some of my route and giving it to somebody else and then slowly added drops and not adding to my wage yet pocketing the extra money himself. After working out the hourly rate I wasn't even meeting the national minimum wage and considering I was doing 12 hour days near enough every day I think thats a bit cheeky. I was also promised a new Merc Sprinter Van, which I did have.....for 4 days until he swopped it for an ex-rental 2006 reg Iveco that didn't have a door that shut properly, no central locking on the side door unless you lent against it when you locked it, poor hand brake (when I mentioned it needed looking at he said it was ok because it was getting MOT'd at the end of March!), no interior lights, I could go on and on. The reason he said he'd swopped it was he wanted to save on Diesel, OK I can't blame him on that, but due to the Vans past life, it wasn't economical, in fact you could literally see the fuel gauge drop once it reached the half way mark. So, it's back to looking for work and a lesson learnt, trust your instincts as usually I'm right with first impressions.

OK, I've spoke of my hatred of Grantham before. I thought i'd share this with you so you can get a glimps why. Last week I amongst my many drops on Dysart Road I had a couple which should have been simple, the 1st was for (company name), unit 3, Dysart Road. The 2nd was for Steve, Unit 3a, Dysart Rd. Right, would you put these 2 addresses together, neighbours of each other? Yeah you could safely say they would be. Oh No! Not in Grantham. I fact the where about 400m metres from each other on different sides of the road and in 2 different Industrial areas. I spent a good 20 mins plus trying to find Steve as there was no company name. have a look a the diagram to get some idea.

Anyways, thats my moan over with.

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