Monday, 12 March 2012


OK, It wasn't a break down I was heading for it was yet another bug of somekind which I'm still suffering with having spent the weekend in bed.

I'm getting new neighbours and I'm waiting with baited breath how it goes. They look a bit rough but as they say should judge a book by its cover.....bollocks, I'm expecting trouble. It's how my life works these days.

I'm now back in the job market and sadly missed out on a job last week by a couple of days. So this morning it's been phone calls to Job Centre and Tax office. Job Centre peopleI've always found to be very helpful over the phone and today was no different. The HMRC on the other hand no so. getting passed from pillar to post and eventually ending up where I started just to tell them I'm not self employed anymore. I'm fed up with it...nothing it seems is simple anymore.

I'm going to carry on with my modelling, keep my brain working in these dull days. I started an English Electric Lightning at the end of last year and aim to get that finished. I also have a Rd arrow thats done and needs painting and a Buccaneer that I started which needed attention. Along with a few other models I've been given lately it should keep me busy.

Has anyone see the latest Noel Fielding series? I can't quite make my mind up about it....

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