Monday, 19 March 2012

Radio 6 Music 10 years

There's been a series of showings from the BBC 6 Music Birthday gigs on the "Red Button" and as I've had very little to do I've watched them. My Personal Highlights have been Orbital

And Public Image Ltd

The vast majority was shit however.

You may know that I tend to get irritated by Radio DJ's pretty easily. Most talk complete crap, Steve Wright and Chris Evans being at the top of my "punch if I meet them" list. I do find though, 6 music presenters to have a bit more about them, for example, they actually seem to be music fans and know what they are talking about. Sadly though Steve Lamaq is starting to grate (you are not a Student anymore) and Lauren Lavern is turning into the new Jo Wiley. It's a great station for music so I urge everyone to stop listening to the mainstream stations and listen to this instead.

Anyways, back to the Live gigs, listen to them online and the 6 music site.

I signed on the dole this morning, despite still not knowing if I'm entitled to anything!

Gruff Rhys is great.

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