Tuesday, 8 November 2011

WAR! What is it good for?

I see today was the day the most eagerly awaited computer game EVER! hit the shelves today. CALL OF DUTY Modern Warfare 3. I nipped into Tesco this morning on the way to work for a sandwich and bits. Just inside the door was a huge display shelf thing and all they had on it was 2 copies,this was at 6am this morning.
it was a huge display and I expect it was full when they put it out. That means that some crazy bastards got up at stupid o'clock to buy it. Madness.

That madness continued at work. One idiot (and yes he is an idiot) was at Blockbusters at 2am to get it and had been up since playing it. Conversation didn't get much better either. It was all about the game. OK, I've played the first 2 and they were good games, but I've played better. What is this obsession? Is it me? Have I missed something?

Fuck knows.

I have to endure Radio 1 at work. I feel after a week my brain slowly dying. It's fucking shocking. Truely awful. They say that you can tell you are getting old when all the music in innthe charts sounds the same........I dissagree, it's sounds like it sounds the same because it does all sound the same (If you get me?) You've got Chris Moyles, ok he's not bad then after that it goes downhill rapidly with Ferne Cotton and never gets better until the radio goes off at the end of the day. Today in the "Live Lounge" was a band called Modestep, they are responsible for one of the most irritating songs on the playlist at the minute and they played it "live" in the lounge. They then do a suprise cover of somebody else's songs. They Did that Coldplay one, you know the one thats played over and over and over again, yes, that the one, the one that sounds like the last song they released. It started in fairness to them quiet good then all of a sudden turned into their song they'd "performed" minutes before!

Tomorrow I will be taking my MP3 player. Fuck what the boss says.

Sad news for the Red Arrows again today. Another Pilot killed. How long do you think the health and Safety police Ban them? Thoughts go out to friends and Family.

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  1. I queued for four hours for COD.
    Fuck knows what was so special about the fish counter in our Tesco, think it was something to do with the Scallops.............