Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Glasshouse!

As you are aware I've recently been doing some work. The position is only temporary which is fine as it's not really for me. Of course I won't turn work down but it's not really what I want to spend my life doing as it's pretty dull. The one saving grace is that some of the people there are top people, really nice and a good laugh. These people like me have taken the job as work is hard to come by these days (especially out in the sticks where I live) and range from Graduates, Accountants and Fitness Instructors amongst other things.

This company has only 7 permanent staff of about 35, the rest being temps like myself. These 7 have been there since they left school and are of various ages from mid 30's to early 60's and to say they don't get out much is an understatement. I overheard one particular person talking to another that they remembered the bottom Greenhouse going up (I later found out it's approximately 18 years old!) and them talking about being built and how amazing things are these days! It's a fucking Greenhouse not the Olympic Stadium. Needless to say I'm looking forward to the contract ending to give my brain a rest from the highly riveting conversations I'm exposed to.

Another weekend has past and I worked half of it, my own choice, so time time I spent at home I relaxed....alot. The boys were at their dads so we had a pleasant time on our own relaxing without having to keep the boys amused. It made a nice change.

Apart from that I've got nothing to say so I'm off. Cheers.

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