Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Sniffles.

Today was the day it finally dawned on my Girlfriends eldest son what this day truely meant. He's getting to the age where things are sinking in and he's getting a better idea of the world.

I have a sinking cold which started to brew Thursday evening before throwing in a nasty chesty cough yesterday leaving me today feeling like my brains going to pop and my ribs are broken. I feel absolutely awful. Of course over the course of the weekend I've heard the word(s) "Man-flu" used alot. It's been directed in my direction for some reason which I cannot understand as I have what is known by doctors around the world as "The Common Cold". Where the fuck did this Man-flu come from? Why do women automatically throw it about when a man is feeling a bit crook?

Fuck Man Flu, I urge every man to hit the person who next says it to you and eradicate it's use from this day forward.

Hail The Revelution!


  1. Agreed, Fuck Man Flu. I have an instant sense of humour failure whenever that term gets directed at me. Makes me wonder if men aren't allowed to get sick or something. I know when I'm sick, know the difference between cold and flu, and don't generally complain or make a big deal out of it, since I prefer not to be looked after.

  2. I'm a little concerned how I've spelt Revolution!