Sunday, 6 November 2011

Flash, Bang........fizz!

Well what an exciting weekend it's been! I got a firework and set it off in my dearests front garden last night....
Needless to say she wasn't impressed as it attracted the police and neither were the boys. Hardly a spectacular display I agree but they could have had fuck all. Some people!

Apart from that I was at work most of the day yesterday. I've got to grab it while I can. I had a letter from the Benefits office, well I had 3 actually, my P45, a letter saying that they weren't going to continue my JSA after reviewing my application and that they weren't paying me anything more and a third saying as I'd stopped signing on (I signed off as soon as I was offered my temporary job) and that I'd started full time employment they were paying a "Back to work grant" of £100. So they couldn't pay me anything more when I wasn't working and had no money coming in but can pay me £100 pounds now I am working!?! Fuck knows how this country works but it's a bit backward if you ask me.

I made a new friend at work. He's pretty quiet but has been helpful while I've been finding my feet. Anyway, it turns out he's into some of the same music as me. Nothing strange in that I suppose but I do have a bit of a wide range of tastes and it's far from the mainstream, in other words a lot of it you wont hear on the average Radio Station. Well, it turns out he likes a band called Fugazi, a "post-hardcore" band from Washington DC. They were very influential on other bigger named acts but always refused to go against their view and ethics a turned down the big record deals. There aren't many fans of this band about these parts so it's always good to come across another.

We also likes these...

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