Monday, 14 November 2011

Coughs, sniffs, accidents and dissapointment.

I'm still poorly but like the true hero I am I went to work today. Some would say I deserved a medal but I just do my bit to keep the wheels of industry rolling. I did something yesterday I've not done since I was very young. Well I wont go into details but it involved cough medicine disagreeing with my stomach and a large sneeze which had disasterous consequences for my underpants, luckily I was at home or I could have been in deep shit so to speak. I've avoided the Cavonia cough mixture today and guess what, no accidents. Should know beeter than to trust a product advertised by Ainsly Harriot. More of a reason to smack him if I see him! OK, after my little outburst last week with regards to COD Modern Warfare 3 I have actually played it. Thankfully I didnt buy it, I was lent it and have finished already. It really isn't worth the hype and the end of the story thats been running through the series wasn't worth the wait either. Any parent thinking of getting there kids it for your money. Get Skyrim instead.

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