Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Yes, TV is as shite as I remember.

As I mentioned yesterday my PS3 died. After some research it seems it's a design fault common on the older "Fat" version and 99% of the time a permanent death. So, I'm resigned to the fact I'm going to have to get a new one. Considering I bought mine in 2007 it has served me well considering the amount of usage it's had.

So, it's back to watching the TV.....in fact no it isn't as it is utter rubbish.

Time to look into a new PS3, my girlfriend went into town and while she was there had a look at the cheapest she could find. The answer was £168 for a second-hand old style (fat) 40GB version! So, put another way, a lower memory and older verion of mine (they stopped making the 40GB early on as they were shit!) from the high street chain, Game. I've found a brand new "Slim" 160GB on Amazon for £178 or a brand new 320GB slim with a game and Blu-ray DVD for £229.

What was it that shopping "expert" was saying today about getting people back into the high street and spending their money?

I Quote:
"Putting in place free controlled parking schemes and introducing a parking league table could go some way in [addressing] this."

wants High Streets to be managed through new "town teams" who would be responsible for developing businesses in the area.

wants some regulations to be axed for High Street traders, including restrictions on night-time deliveries put in place to minimise noise for those living nearby.

Hmmmm.....well I personally think the price difference between online and high street shops and even town to town price differences may be a big reason people are turning away from the high street and buying online more and more. Plus the fact the high street is full of other people, which more and more people seem to be becoming more and more intolerant of these days.

I haven't shaved now for nearly 3 months and the beard is looking great. the problem is I need a haircut. As it gets longer it seems to exaggerate my slightly thinning hair. I usually have a number four all over and sport some rather tasty sideburns. I want to keep the beard so I'll get the hair cutter to blend the beard in with my hairdown the sides so its longer around the chin like Seasick Steve.

This is Seasick Steve.

My fellow Rebel at work left today. Tomorrow is going to be dull as anything. I'm now alone with the Village idiots.

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