Tuesday, 20 December 2011

As One Thing Ends, Another Begins.....possibly

Well, today was my last day at work. My contract has ended. I'll miss it funnily enough, the money wasn't the best and the job was hardly taxing but some of the people were great. There weren't any arseholes as such, a couple though were getting on my nerves the last few days but on the whole, a nice friendly bunch.

None of them read this but I'm going to salute my band of rebels, Jamie, Chris and Kev for a) keeping me from dying of bordom and b) helping me on my mission to open the minds of the country bumpkins, which we achieved to a certain level.

Without sounding like the second coming or some smart arse I think they'll miss me too. Some of them saying today that they wished I wasn't going and said to pop in and say hello. Even the Boss!!

It's always nice when people say stuff like that. I don't get much of that sort of stuff thrown my way.

Anyways, as if by pure luck I had a phone call from a friend of a friend today offering me a job possibly starting after Xmas. OK, it's not a 100% defo but sounds promising. I meet the guy on Thursday to discuss things so fingers crossed.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I'm sure this house is haunted. Tonight there's a few strange things going on and I've got my "Knock Knock" stick handy in case it isn't spooks.

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